In this assignment I will explore how personal values and
principles influence individual contributions to work in health and social care
settings, be able to produce, monitor, revise and evaluate plans for personal
progress in developing the skills and abilities required of a health and social
care practitioner, Understand the application of principles of professional engagement
with users of health and social care services and demonstrate development of
own skills and understanding in relation to working with others in health and
social care practice.



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Health and
social care is one of the greatest divisions and it is seeing fast changes over
the years. Government has presented new activities for the improvement of this
part and for making it a highly profiled. This sector gives support to
everybody to live healthy life and to keep themselves from illnesses. It gives
very personal fulfilment to the employees working in this field. Helping
somebody or curing somebody is the best administration we can give to anybody. This
area consists of organisation from both open and private sector. Hospitals,
nursing homes, dental practices and many more, are a piece of this sector
(Petrova, 2006).

Working in
a health care area isn’t a simple task. You must be strong physically and
emotionally. Specialists should be capable of working under stress and
stressful environment. Personal values and Principles of workers are imperative
in this area. This part manages the wellbeing and lives of people and
specialists should be extremely ethical. A little mistake can end somebody’s
life. Personal values of the considerable number of specialists can be not
quite the same as each other and they can likewise be diverse with the value of
help in wellbeing and social care part. Personal values includes your religious
or culture beliefs and it isn’t that every one of the specialists will have a
similar religion or culture. Principles of help always say that every patient
must be considered and treated similarly. There should not be any discrimination
based on religion or culture. Individuals go under pressure of earning more
money and deviates from their values and principles. Principles of support
instruct specialists to avoid every one of these illusions. Doctors or nurses
promise according to which saving a patient is their responsibility and it is
over the various duties. Moreover, Doctors and nurses need to overlook their
own lives to work for the patients. We know an amazing lady named Mother Teresa
who has spent as long as she can remember in serving the needy individuals. She
has given priority and constantly offered the best services to the patients.
She didn’t marry and she realised that marriage won’t enable her to concentrate
on the way she is following. Husband and kids progresses toward becoming need
after marriage. Principles of help additionally puts stock in regarding every
last one similarly independent of their rank, race or religion.




Personal culture and
experience in life it’s an imperative part in choosing the disposition of the
doctor, nurse or some other workers in health and social care area. The way
person has been dealt with or educated in his past life always gets reflected
in his own life. Childhood or upbringing of any individual chooses his attitude
towards everybody. Moreover, if the doctor or nurse has stayed in a very
cordial, friendly or helpful environment they will be extremely caring and
helpful towards their patient. Culture and experience also include the family
of any individuals. Nature of your parents will reflect on you. Guardians
should always instruct their children to be caring and helpful towards
everybody in the society. Belief and ethnicity are likewise part of our way of
life and culture (Scott, 2003). Workers in Health and social care sector should
also believe and trust that every one of the patients is equal and they should
not prioritize or separate or discriminated based on religion or money. We have
likewise observed that hospitals have turned out to resemble whatever other
industries and where the motivation is to gain however much money as it’s
possible. In health and social care sector the main target should be to serve
individuals and care for them. This can come from the culture and experience of
workers. Education also decides on the behaviour of specialists towards the
patients. Education certainly influences our part in supporting clients in
health and social care area. The education system should concentrate more on
creating values and principles which are beneficial for every one of the
clients of this sector. Indeed, even the sweeper of the hospital should be
given equal respect. Lifetime occasions also influence our experience and our
past experience and can be found in our behaviour towards the patients in
health and social care sector.




As we have seen that
how the individual’s personal values and principles influence the worker’s
attitude towards the patient. So there is an incredible need of creating and
changing the values of the considerable number of workers towards their
patients. Training to be given all the new joiners to change their attitude,
values, and principles. Training should concentrate on respect and equality for
each and every patient and all the other workers in the sector. Moral behaviour
should be taught to everybody. This training will be extremely useful for the
improvement of the patients and furthermore for the reputation of the


Everybody carries his
attitude of his culture and past experience. This has made people be judgmental
towards a specific individual. For example, a person who believes that a person
who talks less is always good and caring and he might want to generalize this
thing to everybody. This stereotype thinking about the social and healthcare
workers should be changed and developed. This will create a very good
environment for people in the society. New improvements should be possible by
presenting new legislation and laws. For example, there should be a strict law
and discipline for any sort of discrimination in the health and social care
organization. Every one of the patients should be given equal chance to get
treated in the best way as possible. Indeed, even every association should treat
some individuals that are in need of freedom. Every one of the carers should
respect each other’s values and principles. Principles of good practice should
be implemented in any association which is working in this sector. This change
and improvement should be done internally and by the will and power of the
workers in the health and social care sector.



I am thinking about
myself as a practitioner in health and social care sector and in this task, I
will develop a professional development plan for myself. To create a good plan
first I have to know my abilities, my strength (what I am good at) and my
weaknesses (where and what I need to improve on). This should be possible with
the help of SWOT analysis (Filkins, 2003):



I have very good experience
in health and social care field. During my study, I did training in one of the
reputed organizations in this sector.

I have great knowledge
of my subject. I was amongst the top ten students on the list in the course.

I have qualities to
work in a group. I always try to understand the concerns of my team members.

I have strong values
and principles.


I never worked as a
leader. Lack of leadership qualities is one of the biggest weaknesses in me.

My communication skills
are not that strong. Communication skills are very important in any service
sector and particularly in health and social care sector.

I usually get nervous
after watching the worse condition of any patient.


Health and social care
sector are massive and it is developing at much considerable speed rate.
Indeed, even the government is empowering this sector and including new
activities from a change in this sector. So there is a great chance of joining
a reputed association and develop in my career.

There is a chance of
helping individuals by giving health and social care services.


Services in this area
should be very perfect as lives of the patient are in question. There is a
danger of losing somebody’s life by making a small mistake. It can destroy my
whole career.

Changes in the rules
and regulations imposed by the government on social and healthcare sector.

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