Introduction occur Eutrophication can occur naturally over thousands

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When the environment is
enriched with nutrients, it is known as eutrophication.

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Artificial nutrient enrichment
of an aqua system with organic materials or in organic

nutrients, causing an
over growth of aquatic plant life.


When the forest and
woodlands are entirely destroyed rapidly, it is known as deforestation

Global warming

Global warming is the
average temperature of the earth is increased

Ozon depletion

Ozon depletion is when
the thinning of ozon layer occurs


Pollutions are changes
that are undesirable in the physical, chemical or biological characters of the
natural environment. There are various types of pollution. For example;

*air pollution

*Water pollution

*noise pollution

*light pollution



Acid deposition

The combustion of fossil
fuels in power stations, factories, domestic boilers, and internal combustion
engines releases large quantities of sulphur oxide(SO2) and oxides of nitrogen (NO2
and NO) both oxides of nitrogen and sulphur dioxides combine with water vapour
in the atmosphere and they form sulphuric acid and nitric acid individually.
they fall on earth as acid rain.


How and why does
eutrophication occur

      Eutrophication can occur naturally over
thousands of years but, when excess fertilizer is added due to farming, the
time taken for the process to complete is shorter.

      When it rains and the excess fertilizers
such as nitrates are washed away to the pond. The fertilizers will favour the
formation of algae on the surface of the pond. This will prevent the aquatic
plants from receiving sunlight. Soon, the aquatic plants will die.

      Aquatic animals such as fish will not
have food and a certain blue-green bacteria and so produce toxins that may
cause the death of fish during the growth of they will die too.

     Not long after that, the algae will also
die when all the fertilizers are used up.                  Decomposing bacteria such as
saprophytic bacteria will decompose the dead organisms and use up all the
oxygen faster than it can be replenished.

      This will cause the biochemical oxygen
demand to increase. The pond is polluted. The process is known as

What is biochemical
oxygen demand


Effects of eutrophication
on the human

As mentioned above,
eutrophication pollutes the pond which effects water resources. It effects the
water quality and limits access to safe drinking. Infants who drink water which is very high in nitrates can
become extremely ill and even die. Source of food will also be reduced. Aquatic
animal such as fish, turtle, ducks and tadpoles will die. Further proof
mentioning about this issue is stated in appendix ????







      The permanent destruction of sources such
as forest and jungles. The most frequent ways of deforestation are burning
trees and clear cutting. Clear cutting is when a large area of land is cut down
at once.

      Wildlife and plants are important
resources for humans. They provide food, plants provide oxygen which is used
for respiration by all living things and building materials used to build

       Medicines are made mainly from living things.
Medicines are a drug or other
preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease. Example of
living things that contributes in the making of medicines are, hippopotamus,
giant yellow Israeli scorpion and horse shoe crabs.

      Plants that are covered by soil will hold
the soil together and prevent it from being washed away. Landslides can occur when sloped areas become
completely saturated by heavy rainfall many times.

      When a forest is destroyed, the home of
millions of animals is destroyed. The animals will have to find a new place to
live and when they don’t they will die and if this process continues, they will
eventually extinct. Unlike animals, plants cannot move they don’t even have a
chance to survive and they just die.

       According to appendix ???, over 1200 animals
and plants are endangered. Endangered is when a species is at the urge of
extinction. Burning the forest will not only kill millions of plants and
animals but it will also cause air pollution.

      As you can see, in appendix ??? there is
proof that this issue is still ongoing. Halt project and mining projects in
Pahang. The sedimentation of residual sludge and dead plants causes the river
to become shallow. If this carries on, there might be incidents such as flash
floods and prolonged drought may hit the area and the state in the future.

      Another example, based on appendix??? , Kedah
forest destruction threatens water supply. Logging and land clearing has affected
the lives of thousands of water users including paddy farmers, in addition to
threatening the environment and causing flash floods. Deforestation for
plantation development and logging has been contaminated with mud. Destruction
of forest will affect the community water supply from the forest near the
village. Soil erosion was triggered when it rains, also disrupting drainage
system. Rivers there also became shallow due to sedimentation. This is due to
the hills that were cleared have been left idle for long. Building new dams
will not solve the arising problem because of water. Natural recourses and
forest should be restored, conserved and protected for the future generation.

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