INTRODUCTION of religious belief and teaching. Any decision

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            Religion and government both have
influence in society’s activities, decision making, and discipline. Religion
and government in most state usually have different opinion of belief, motive
and aim. In a state government institution or person mandate to hold
responsibility in a state have a power to influence the decision making.
Secularism is an ideology that belief in the principle of separation of
government institution and religion institution, which also separate government
dignitaries and religious dignitaries in decision making process. Secularism
belief society in a state should be free to choose and free from the imposition
of religious belief and teaching. Any decision makes, practices, rules, in any
matters especially politic should not be influences by religious belief and
practices. Sometimes state government may make a decision that are wrong in the
opinion religious belief, religious dignitaries may have a grudge against ideas
from government institution that are not parallel with religion. According to
secularism this thing cannot, happen since they believe there should be no
influence from religion institution on state matter, religion cannot interfere
on government institution decision making.


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has been practiced for reason. There must be purpose why the idea believes that
religion institution should be separated from government institution; various arguments
have been discussed to support the purpose of secularism. One of them is from
European laicism or European model of secularism assert that secularism is a
way for modernization which also acknowledge as secularization. It usually
occurred while support from state for religion is still maintained. While on
the other hand, based on United State secularism some agreed secularism
actually protecting religion and religious from government influence.

are many opinions on the origin of secularism; one of opinion is in early
modern times when sixteen century wars of religion end. The belief of “ruler’s
religion is the religion of its subjects” being adopt in Western Christendom.
This adaptation shows the origin of secularization that shows general political
principle being adopted to settle specific religious problem even though at
that time religion was seen as an internal matter. Opposite with what is
believe popularly , secularism was not found in the modern world, it was
introduced in medieval Christendom even though it have different meaning from
what it means in modern world. Others opinion on origin of secularism is
Secularism actually come from the religious context itself. Secularism can be
seen as an idea that oppose religion interference, because of that many people
may not know that it actually developed because of religious context itself, it
was actually developed to protect tranquility among Christians.


society usually practicing political and religious ideas in their daily life,
the different is some societies think it will be good to separate those two
from each other to achieve greater result while some choose to connect religion
and politics to get balance in life. Those who choose to separate religion
matter from political matter called as secular society. In secular society
exists separation of between church and state authority, so there will be no
influence of religion institution in state governing decision, and no religious
dignitaries will have authority in political matters. Society also doesn’t have
to respond to governmental dignitaries regarding her or his religion. For
instant, candidates that compete for political office can come from any
religious background. Societies in the world nowadays will not escape from at
least some proportion of secularity. Secularism exists since the founding of
United States and both non-religious and religious adopt and practice
secularity in America in response for some problem.

of religion claim modern democracies are most often known as secular. This is
because their belief in almost complete freedom of religion that separate
religion from any social or legal authority, and religious dignitaries also
have no influence in political decisions. However people still recognized and
consider religious belief in their life, and respect the right to practices any
religion. Secular society can be seen as one to have some characteristic such

Do not believe in any supernatural perspective of the nature of
the universe, and mankind role in it.

Have certain similarity, but respect other differences in values
and belief.

Tolerate in religious diversity, believe in private

Limited agreement is some common aim, methods in solving
problem, laws, and framework.

Solving problem through rational approach, such as facts and

No frequent ideal type of action, and a society without any
official images.

Most of societies become secular because of
the social process called as secularization, not because of the influence of secular

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