Definitely, you heard about organ donation, do you know what
is mean? Many people think that whenever they die, their organs can be donated.
This is not true you can donate while you are living too. there are tow two
types of organ donation, live donation, and after death.Live donation is from
the person who is still alive and fully healthy .living people can donate one
of his organs to another people.Often donors are living relative or friends but
they can donate to one don’t know or can buy from others. The donor can donate
the liver because the liver can grow again or kidneys because the person can
live on one kidney .everyone can consider themselves dinars regardless of sex,
color, health to save another person’s life.


What Is Organ Donation?

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Surgical process in
which a member of the organ is removed from a person and grown in another

. Organs that can be donated is the liver, kidney, pancreas,
heart, and many others.


What can be donated?


The organs and tissue that can be
successfully transplanted are that which can grow. kidneys, liver, lungs,
heart, pancreas, intestines, those organs that a dead person can donate.. Hands and faces were
added to the list of organ donation in 2014

In addition, cornea. By registering as a cornea donor you
can save sight after your life.


3.1- Tissue: donate tissue save
and improve the life of the person who takes them. As organs and tissue donor, 50 people you can improve their lives

. Most of the tissue donation takes place within
24 hours of death.

. But still, tissue can be handling and store them for a
long time.


3.2- Heart valves: the children who born with a heart defect
and adults with harm heart valves can transplant them heart valves to save
their life.


3.3-  Skin: Can change the skin
for people who have serious burns



3.4- Bone: the bone important for people that their bone has
been removed due to sickness or damage for example bone in hand and face.


3.5-  Tendons: the
tendons like the wire that attach bones and muscles, it can be donated to
correct the damage hinges.


3.6- Hands and Faces: recently they added the faces and hand
to the donate list that can successfully transplant.


3.7-Blood Stem Cells, Cord Blood, and Bone Marrow: 

Stem blood must be donated from healthy adults to be
successful transplant .Also to be successful transplant it is should be closely
matched tissue type between the person who need it and the donor. It is more
likely to find match donor from the family because some types are legacy.



3.8-Blood and platelets: the body makes platelets then send
it through a life cycle, and continue change it whole life. Also, you can
donate by blood and platelets many time. It is better to donate every 2 months
by blood, and the platelets every 1 months.


Minorities and organ transplantation?:?

 minorities have the
most need for transplantation. Most of the waiting list of transplantation from
a minorities group. Often it becomes high blood pressure


















Organ Donation Statistics

Organs Transplanted in 2013: from Deceased Donors Recovered
in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area: 605

As this chart shows, of the 605 organs transplanted from
deceased donors recovered in LiveOnNY’s service area in 2013, kidneys accounted
for 299 or 49%:









Figure 1: Organs Transplanted in 2013




Organ Donation Consent Rate in the Greater New York
Metropolitan Area from Deceased Donors: 2004-2013*


Figure 2 : Organ Donation Consent







Who can be donated? 

anyone of any age from people who have good health they can
donate by organs .usually who exempt from the donate they who has cancer, HIV,
or disease that cause disease in bloodstream and body tissue. After the person
dies the make decision about organs usability or in the surgery in case live
donor. After brain death, one person can save up to 9 lives and improve many
others lives. All that because the medical science in recent time has made
tremendous progress of transplant surgeries. The Organ Procurement and
Transplantation Network operates the national database of all patients in the U.S.
waiting for a transplant. OPTN’s computer system matches the donor’s organs to
potential recipients. And it regulates how donor organs are matched and
customized to a patient in waiting list by network policies. The most popular
factors about how organs match is blood type, and how long the patient waiting.
For every organ there is deferent policy.

When matching organs from deceased donors to patients on the
waiting list, many of the factors taken into consideration are the same for all
organs. These usually include:

Blood type

Body size

Severity of patient’s medical condition

Distance between the donor’s hospital and the patient’s

The patient’s waiting time 

Whether the patient is available







Religions that support organ donation:














From studies and research we conclude that organ donation
” are met, “It is permissible to transplant an organ from a dead
person to a living person whose life or basic essential functions depend on
that organ, subject to the condition that permission be given by the deceased
before his death, or by his heirs after his death . Each decision to become a
donor is a personal one

1- Even if you have indicated your wishes on your driver’s
license, state donor registry or the National Donate Life Registry, share your
decision with your family so they know your wishes.

2- Organ donation is consistent with the beliefs of most
major religions.

3- Living donation increases the existing organ supply.

4- Donors are needed for all races and ethnic groups.

5-  Transplant success
rates increase when organs are matched between members of the same ethnic

6- People of all ages and medical histories should consider
themselves potential donors. organs and tissues you can donate will be
determined after the death according to your medical condition.

So everyone can donate and save a new life.

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