Introduction like FedEx and DHL. UPS offers

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            United Parcel
Service (UPS) is a bit different in their operations because they are
concentrating on online shopping. They provide the fastest delivery and 24-hour
customer service. Tracking facilities are available for the customer to track
every order from any where in the world. the cost of services they provides ids
comparatively less than their competitors like FedEx and DHL. UPS offers all
their services around the world. In our opinion, United Parcel Service is one
of the top-rated parcel service in the world because their main goal is to
satisfy customer’s needs. This report will detail the explore following areas:

Accurate customer service

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Cost effective service

International Trade


customer service

United Parcel Service provides more effective and
accurate service to the customers such as Tracking the order, for tracking
orders they can create custom labels, set up shipment alert and they can also
create reports and integrate with their resource planning and accounting system
to stream shipping with real-time connectivity. They also provide multiple
payment options including PayPal. UPS introduce the paperless solution in which
the customers to self-enroll in paperless invoices and other shipping documents.
They introduced UPS billing center to download and manage the invoices and
billing options. UPS mobile is another feature which includes mobile website and
application for iPhone and Android devices.

The global locator established by UPS helps the customers
to access UPS drop-off and pickup locations and including UPS access point
sites. They also offer same-day pickup of air, ground and residential package
upon customer request.24 hour call center are also introduced for the customer


effective services

United Parcel Service provides their service at a
reasonable cost as compared to the competitors like FedEx and DHL.








United Parcel service is one of the worlds largest
customs brokerage and logistics consultants, with an immense scope of
transportation services warehousing facilities, and international trade technology.
UPS international segments cover Europe, Asia, Latin America , Indian
sub-continent, middle east and Africa. The customers can use three fast
delivery options like Express plus, Express and Express saver. UPS is updated
with current rules and regulation in customs and the tariff change between the
borders this help them to ship confidently and to reach the destination on
time. For international trade, UPA implemented certain tools such as UPS Import
control, UPS paperless invoices, UPS Trade Ability, EDI/XML , Flex Global view
, Document Imaging.





Investing in new business ideas and new technology is
one of the main steps to keep the company to be the best in future. The main
focus of the company is to provide better service to customers at a reasonable
cost. Fed Ex and DHL are the main competitors but UPS is the best because the
policies and strategies in operations are unique and they reach all over the
world. Organisational goodwill and customer trust are the reason behind the key
success and these make them unbeatable.




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