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Internet has disrupted the classical
perception of the market. It has brought new parameters on which goods and
services can and will be traded. The key word to understand this, is “communication”.
Today, the boundaries of the marked has been changed. For example, multiple manufactures
of computing technology have changed the way of selling, formerly done through
tele-marketing and magazines, to a large online business. (Goolsbee, 2001). This technology has redefined the
scale of volume that international market can exchange.  Also, it is forecasted that the revenue in the
United States for online retailing to grow from 360 billion in 2016 to 640 billion
in 2022. Also, this increasing in volume of revenue obtained by online sales
has been constantly growing in the last decade. (Statista Digital Market Outlook, 2017) Those expectations
are one of the synthons that consumers are switching preferences towards an
online environment which would save time and space. On-line shopping is
becoming the direct substitute of traditional shopping. E-commerce constantly
is drawing customers from other ways of retailing. Shops that have a long
experience on internet expand their revenue, sales and customers and this
growth would not be able if they focused more in traditional retail rather than
online. (Ward, 2001)


            One of the biggest
changes that the market has witnessed with the use of the internet has been the
way of doing marketing. Beforehand, most of the companies used to market their
products massively through TV commercials, billboards in populated areas,
radio, etc. Now, when any person opens any social media, he or she can see
personalized advertisement based on their browse history. If someone would ask
what a cookie means to someone of 1950, the answer would be absolutely different
to the answer of someone of 2018. A cookie is a document stored in the computer
that gathers a lot of information of the user. Information such as preferred
language, country of residence, products in the “check-out” basket on an online
website, etc. Websites tend to ask for this information to offer a personalized
experience to the user. A mathematical model combined with the information
offered by HTML COOKIEs, can predict the consumer behavior of virtually any
individual that allows enough freedom to websites to use their data. The most
famous social network can be considered as instruments of information iteration
and traffic and ports where the data goes from the user to websites and lately
to data mining and refining companies (Hasani & Pourdasht, 2016).

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Although the original
purpose of the cookies is to enhance a better experience of the user, people
seem to feel insecure of the information that they share on internet. A study
carried by The Pew Research Center, show that 91% of the adults surveyed “strongly
agree” that regular consumers has lost control of how their information is used
and/ or gathered. Also, approximately 65% believed that governments should
regulate thoroughly to advertising, data refining and technological companies. (Madden, 2014). As the online
marketplace keeps growing and the revenue of companies trading online is
consistently expanding, there is concern regarding the information that is
collected by websites and marketers that participate in online retailing. The
concerns are focused to the privacy and security of the consumer’s accumulated
data and the risk that they perceive. (Miyazaki
& Fernandez, 2001).

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