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Interior Design is a fairly prestigious field of work. It takes both a natural eye for art and design along with extensive training in college. An Interior Designer must constantly adapt to newer and more advanced design styles that are progressively gaining popularity in the industry, so there is always something new to be learning and something better to be created. Personally, I have always been interested in interior design. I enjoy learning about the subject because I am passionate about it and I could truly see myself exploring a career as an Interior Designer in the future.

I prefer to work flexible hours and appreciate having the chance to express my creativity in a way that others can benefit from. I am very diligent when I start a project and keep a solid focus towards the final product, but I also pay very close attention to details along the way. I would envision the first five years of this career as one big learning process. Starting off, it may be difficult to learn how to communicate fully with the client to make sure you are giving them exactly what they want without letting your own personal preferences interfere. Another important lesson to learn in the first five years is time management. Some clients are on a very tight time limit, so it is crucial to come up with and execute a design quickly while also giving full attention to detail.

Furniture, paint, decorations, and textiles must be ordered in a timely manner to ensure that there will be enough time for all installations, repairs, updates, and decorating.        Budgeting is another skill that must be acquired in order to be a successful interior designer. Some clients may have a substantial budget with plenty of leeway for all of your ideas and plans, while others may have a very set budget with absolutely no wiggle room, in which case it is a good idea to try to stay a safe amount under budget to ensure client satisfaction. Searching for deals and using comparison between different stores can be a long and tedious process, so having close relationships with certain hardware, furniture, and home improvement stores that you know will help you get the best deal for the highest quality products can be highly beneficial. Having ample advertising can lead to stronger business opportunities. Creating an online portfolio of your work over the years for potential clients to view is a great way to bring in business.

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By the time five years passes, you should have an abundance of designs that you have created and executed, but you should only choose your very best work to display in your portfolio. Getting reviews from your clients to post online is another way to keep bringing in business. The next ten years of the career have the potential to be easy-going and fun since you will have obtained all of the necessary skills to guarantee an outstanding final product every time. By this point you should be able to easily let your creative freedom flow to create amazing results in every project. Using your previous experiences to help you budget, plan, and design correctly and efficiently will make you a reliable option as customers seek out the right interior designer for their needs. It is important to constantly continue your education no matter how long you have been in the profession.

Keeping up with the new trends will allow you to offer a wider variety of styles to your customers. Collaborating with other designers is another way to keep an open mindset to let your creativity flow. There are various ways to become an interior designer.

Most interior designers need at least a Bachelor’s degree, but independent designers sometimes have no degree at all. It is also helpful to have coursework in interior design, such as drawing and computer-aided design. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design have accredited 300 post-secondary institutions with art and design programs. ( A license is required to work in some states. ( To gain a license in interior design you must pass a state-approved exam, usually the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam.

You have to have a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years experience in the field before you can take the exam. Other organizations offering designation are the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Certified Interior Designers (CID). Though they are prestigious, they do not meet the requirements as the NCIDQ. ( Continuing education is usually required to keep one’s license, certification or registration. ( There are many different computer and software related skills needed in order to be a successful interior designer. These programs can include anything from CAD software to email programs, video editing software, spreadsheet software, and photo imaging software.

It is also important to be proficient in typing and online research skills. Having good instincts when it comes to working with new programs is the most helpful skill to have when working with technology as an interior designer. (www. Interior design programs are used to create and display designs before actually putting them into effect. This is the best way to test all of the different design options to avoid any mess ups when executing the plans. Creating a virtual design also helps the clients fully envision the plans and gives them the opportunity to view all of the various options. Interior design is a service that will continue to be in demand as long as buildings and houses continue to be constructed. The top ten states projected to create the most growth in the interior design industry between 2012 and 2022 are New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico, Mississippi, Minnesota, Maryland, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and New York. The average growth rate in Texas is 14.

41% with 205 annual job openings. ( There are currently about 66,500 Interior Design jobs in the United States. The largest employers of interior designers are specialized design services (31%), self-employed workers (19%), architectural, engineering, and related services (16%), furniture stores (7%), and wholesale trade (5%). (collegegrad.

com) The states with the highest annual salaries for Interior Designers are Washington, D.C. ($79,710), Massachusetts ($67,550), Utah ($64,880), Connecticut ($64,090), and New York ($63,630). The highest paying city in Texas for interior designers is Houston with an average of $55, 580 per year, or $26.72 an hour. Some related careers to interior design include graphic designer, building construction managers, architect, art director, multimedia artist and animator, web developer, craft artist, and set and exhibit designer.

For someone interested in interior design but searching for a higher salary, becoming an art director or architect instead can nearly double your yearly salary. ( A major employer of interior designers in the state of Texas is a company called Interior Architects, based in the city of Austin. When hiring an interior designer, they look for someone who is “collaborative, creative, professional, expert, and entrepreneurial.” They also require an applicant to have graduated from an architecture or design school and have five or more years experience in corporate interior design projects. (www.chp. clients Interior Architects cater to are “in diverse markets worldwide” and “require high-performance, visually compelling and sustainable environments to move their enterprise forward, support their culture, engage their staff, integrate technology and drive efficiencies.” Their goal is to “help clients articulate and align their business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space.” To accomplish this goal, they expect their team members to work well together. (www. job requirements of an interior designer at Interior Architects are drafting technical drawings, overseeing designs and drawings of smaller projects, providing review of engineering drawings to ensure they comply with the design solutions, work with Senior Designers, provide detail, review space plans and tackle more complicated issues with Intermediate Designers, and assist in developing packages for larger projects. In order to do these things, applicants need extensive knowledge in design principles and aesthetics, furnishings and finishes, and space planning. Advanced skills in Revit and Adobe Creative Suite programs are necessary. (www. working conditions, for the majority of the time, are sitting in an office with very little physical requirements, with occasional bending, stretching, twisting, and reaching. Occasionally the designer will be required to visit a client at the site of the project to perform site verifications and field surveys.

There are no safety risks associated with this position. (www.chp., working as an interior designer can be a very promising and rewarding career. With extensive training and plenty of experience, a designer can create some amazing and inspiring designs that will both satisfy and excite their clients.

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