One of the online interactive marketing which

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One of the online interactive marketing which has attracted my attention is email marketing, which was used by a certain company to promote its motivational publications/newsletters. The marketer targets potential customers who have previously expressed interest in the products.

The strategy is direct and cost-effective, and hence a very effective way of communicating with the users. In particular, it helps users connect and manage with the advertisers messages. I particularly enjoyed the way this type of marketing established relationships with the readers. Its predictability gives it a leeway, as it can easily overlook individual issues.

To make it more effective, the advertiser tries to incorporate printer friendly options and a forward-to-a-reader links that are noticeably labeled. Considering that email marketing utilizes an immediate medium, the marketer sees a strong need in ensuring that the content addresses the users immediate needs, and that it is relevant in addressing today’s problems.

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Interestingly, I can delete the email message during the time when it lacks any relevance to my immediate needs, but rather, I do not unsubscribe. From time to time, I receive sales newsletters reminding me of the offer. When some need arises, I become a customer once again. The follow up seems to make the advertisement very effective.

Event though the audience may keep away from signing up for the email marketing; since they may feel trampled by information burden, the email marketer ensures that the users are convinced that the email marketing will be easy to deal with, helpful, and uncomplicated. Essentially, the email marketer ensures that the publication is predictable and regularly published, though it is too not forcefully.

A minimum of once a month is the marketers’ preference. Making the publication regular perhaps reduces the chances of the users deleting it because they may confuse it with a spam. Furthermore, a regular publication plan makes it possible for the users to know when to find the email.

To improve its effectiveness, it is very critical for the email marketer to make a concise and a good subject line which attracts the users to open the publication, as well as making it easier for them to make a distinction between a spam and a valid publication/newsletter. Incorporating an attractive content in the subject line can as well serve to attract the attention of the users.

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