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Installing a IDE or EIDE hard drive on a Pentium computer

To install a hard drive in your computer you must have a decent knowledge of
Computers and know what basic commands do. I wouldnt recommend a beginner trying
to install a hard drive. These instructions are meant for intermediates or above. Before
you start you should have already bought your hard drive. You will need a Phillips screw
driver, your Windows CD, and the manual that came with your computer.
Before you get ready to install your new hard drive. Unpack the drive you just bought
and make sure the hard drive, cables, manual, and diskette are there.
We will begin by removing the four screws that hold the computer cover to the frame of
the computer. The easiest way to identify which screws to take out is to see which screws
are covering the painted edge of the cover. Other screws, which you don’t want to take
out, hold the power supply which could harm the computer. Once the screws are taken
out, the cover may still be hard to slide out. Use both hands, on each side of the cover
and pull it out.

Now find the hard drive it should be in the second slot starting from the top.
Remember the drive should be about 3 1/2 inches in width, 6 inches long, and an inch in
height.Usually the hard drive is a silver and black color. After finding the drive, make
sure you remove any static carried in your body by touching something metal before
touching the insides of the computer. Now you will find two cables; these are ribbon
cables that connect the drive to the computer. You will also find a power cable; it has
four separate wires connected to plastic connectors on each end. To remove the cables,
you just pull straight out. This shouldnt take a lot of pressure, but just be sure pull the
cables by the plastic connectors and not by the wires. Remove both ends of the cables for
we will be replacing them with new ones. Remember where you take these out, for you
will be connecting the new cables in the same place. After you get the cables off, remove
the mounting screws that hold the drive in place. You should find them in the front and
along the sides of the hard drive. After you get the screws out the drive will slide out the
front of the computer. If it is mounted on the side push it out the back.
Now take the new hard drive and slide it in the way the old one came out, and screw in
the same screws the old one used. Now, attach the ribbon cables that came with the new
hard drive. The three cables you will be connecting are different sizes and will only go in
one way, so you dont have to worry about which cable goes where. Now connect the
cables to the motherboard (the big green card where everything connects to) they should
go in the same place where you disconnected the old cables. Remember the cable will
only connect one way, so you may have to turn the cable around to make sure it fits right.
Now that youve connected these ribbon cables, you can connect the power cables.
Remember that these are cables with four separate wires connected to a white plug. The
white plug is shaped to fit in only one direction; but in any computer, the colored wires
from each end should plug into the same way. Now after all the cables are connected you
can put the cover back on the computer the same way you took it off; by sliding the cover
on and screwing in the screws.

You can turn on the computer now. But dont expect much we still have to install the
hard drive for it to work. Before you can use the new hard drive , you have to make the
computer know that its there. You do that by changing the settings in the computer.
When the computer turns on it will come to a DOS-PROMPT. Insert the diskette

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