Innovation a world of oneness this can only

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is the way in which an idea changes from its current form to a more advanced
status while adding up its value. Any innovation must have economic value and
addresses specific desires of man. Innovation is not accidental but the
intended application of the idea to come you with something better than what is
available. Change can lead to better service delivery or better good produced
(Peter, 2002).

Importance of innovation

Innovation is significant in our day to day activities. Some
of the significance of change Help problem-solving. Human life is full of
problems that he always desire to be solved, but without innovation, it would
be hectic to answer them, for example, today due to the invention of mobile phone
the problem of communication regardless of the distance is solved

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Responding to customers’ needs. The desire to have
better things have led to more innovation to meet the demands of the customer
at the right time. For example today a phone does more work than just
communication which was its first intention


The pressure has always been to create a world of oneness this can only be done
through the innovations. People want to know what is happening on the other
side of the planet and this possible because of novelty. One can traverse the
whole universe within a short period courtesy of the ongoing innovation (Peter,


advantage is the ability to do something better than your competitors.

Innovation matters as it is the driving force that makes life better, without
innovation life can be very hectic. The innovation has relieved man from some
of the hard tasked he used to do

are four essential elements of innovation (Peter, 2002).


 For any success to realize people must join
hand towards a specific idea. There are different people with different views
when they come together a product of their minds is excellent. Collaboration is
a heavy tasked and individuals must swallow their pride and work together. The
competition among people sometimes makes it hard for people to agree to work
together. Therefore, there must be a unifying figure for a successful project
(Gary, 2015).


is one thing and having an idea is another thing before people come together
there must be an idea or an agenda to be deliberated upon. It can be an idea
which exists and needs to be made better or an entirely new idea. The ideas
that different people have must be fused so that it stands as one before being
developed. A car was a combined idea from various people that came up to
produce the broad idea into one (Gary, 2015).





left wild can never bring any change, so it is the ideas put together that
makes it a substance of honour.  What
causes that difference is putting the plans to use and evaluate what comes out
of it. One the ideas are implemented it will be easy to identify its strengths,
and weaknesses then work on it to develop an improved service of good to help
the man as it is the main reason for all the researchers and innovations (McCann, 2012). 

Value creation

 Innovation must add value to the existing
system to merit being called change. The idea to be developed and implemented
must be one that moves further from where the current situation is to be
helpful to man. In the companies, they come up with new brands that are
different from the products they already have. For example, in the mobile
sector, the development to touch phone was an idea which came to replace the
phones with the buttons. A plan will only be admitted to the market if it comes
with additional quality.

are several types of innovation, and we shall highlight four of those who are
Breakthrough, disruptive, basic research and sustaining change (McCann, 2012). 





Challenges in innovation

challenges face innovation in the world today. One of such problems in the
inadequacy of resources to finance the innovative idea. Most of that whop have
ideas sometimes are forced to abandon their ideas at the early stage. The
organizations are not willing to stretch their finances to fund a plan but
prefer an already developed idea. For the firms that have embraced innovation,
it is always a challenge because it affects the morale of some workers since
the work that they were doing has now been taken over by technology. Another
problem is the cost o introducing innovations as some workers will oppose it
and make it thus a loss to the organization. Innovation is also finding
challenge in those who believe in the old method and fear trying the new ways
to do things. Once one is over dependent on an idea, it becomes a challenge to
change the person (McCann, 2012). 

firms that are left out and prefer to go the old style are not favored either
since it eliminates them out of the competition. Innovation brings easy to work,
and it lowers the workforce. A firm with old methods will spend more on labour
than a firm with the current ideas. The work output is high for the company
with the advanced technology, with high production the result is top, and so is
the profits. Failure to embrace technology is like knocking a firm out of the
industry. Quick response in times of emergency and this saves both lives and
property, and it is only for the firms that are technologically advanced (Randall, 2005). 




are five stages or process that an innovation undergoes to become a noble

Mobilization and generation of idea

idea can emanate from scratch or the existing ones that only need to be made
better. After the agreement on the concept then it now time to collect the
relevant information on how the ideas can be made real rather than the vague
details lying in mind. At this stage, different people come with a suggestion
which is recorded then scrutiny is done on the viability of the proposals. The
recommendations are streamlined until only the essentials are left on record (Randall, 2005). 

Screening and advocacy

 The gathered ideas are now evaluated to find
out which one comes up with the best solution to the problem at stake or the
one with the most benefits. The designs are now fine-tuned into one so that the
area of focus is reduced and perfection increases. All the proponents of the
different ideas are given an opportunity to highlight more on their ideas then
the team comes up with one unified idea and approach (Randall,

Experimenting stage

developed idea is put to trial to see its effectiveness and to gauge its
strength and weaknesses. This is where an idea can be tested to find out if it
meets the threshold of innovation. It can go on for an extended period as
adjustments are also made to improve its quality. During innovative stage ideas
are gathered in the field on areas to grow and how the customer would want it
(Alex k, & Holger, 2017).

Marketing or commercializing

idea ones developed the aim is to release it to the market to attain the
purpose for which it was made. The market might have a similar product or
service, so it takes the initiative of the developers to reach the markets and
explain why theirs is the best alternative. The customers are now persuaded to
embrace the new idea. The price must also be pocket-friendly compared to the
existing prices in the market (Alex k, & Holger, 2017).

Implementation and diffusion

is the inclusion of the new idea in into the organizational system. This can be
done by taking to the members of the organization on the new system and how it
shall work. This includes the effect on the workforce and the remedies of its
inclusion. If this is done, the worker will adjust fast to on corporate the new
idea into their system (Alex k, & Holger, 2017).


organization has its own culture of operation. Some firm a new idea is
discussed by the workers who are directly affected by the new system. In such
structure new plans are easy to implement without failure because all feel they
are part and parcel of the project. In other firms of up-down approach, ideas
are brought with directives of implementation regardless of its effect on the
company or employee. Such firms are prone to failure in their new ideas (Marc,
Nathaniel & Erik, 2005).


ideas and innovation is the way to go in a continuously changing world. One can
open up to the new ideas by reading the benefits that have been brought by
modernization. All ideas are implementable so long as consultation is done
(Marc, Nathaniel & Erik, 2005).















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