Information security and how it can be
considered an art and science. When it comes to any kind of security you really
can’t look at an either or for it because art and science go with each other in
this. We’re going to talk about each one separately and how they both work
together to make security.

So, when we’re looking at the art
perspective of information security I look at how the security is put in place
and how it works and makes the employees and peers feel more trusting in the
company that they are at or shopping at. When it comes to consumer and employee
data it is no laughing matter with the confidentiality of it and recently this
trust between them is being broken with these severe hacking outbreaks such as
targets customers credit and debit card information being stolen and the most
recent one on Experian where millions of people’s information such as their
SSN, name, and addresses being stolen. So, companies must keep their security
up without being invasive with policies, which I find is an art that you have
to balance as well as how well the online security and network security is for
these corporations and what defenses they have in place to protect their
assets. The code for the programs they have is more considered an art rather
than science due to how complicated it is made to keep the hackers out of the

Moving on with the science perspective I think
of how they take all the risk whether made up or statistically proven of
happening and looking at the different levels of threat that they pose to a
company. As well as trying to find a good balance of mitigating these threats
and taking chances on them due to it being a low probability or low impact.
There’s also identifying the risks which I would consider more of an art rather
than science because you can look at previous mistakes made by other companies
to assess the risks that your company might face.

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So, with these two in mind it’s easy to
see how they connect with one another. Where the science is what finds the risk,
and analyzes them and how to mitigate them the art of it is how it is
implemented without being too invasive and trying to find a good balance of
security and risk involved with a company that the employee and consumer can
trust. Another example of this could be chipotles illness outbreak where the
risk of having a supplier for food would be you trusting them to make sure it
is in good condition and nothing wrong with it. In Chipotles case however, they
did mitigate it for a short time after the first outbreak and then got hit with
another one soon after, and the impact of this was losing trust in the
consumers buying the food and in effect to this their stocks plummeted.



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