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In their article, Davos, Senate, Larry Nassar: Your Wednesday
Evening Briefing, Karen Zraick, and David Scull illustrate the latest
briefing of the international news. This article was publican on January 24,
2018. The article inference about “Tuesday’s deadly shooting” the amount of murder
that is increasing and Dr. Nassar in prison for sexually abusing young women.
This seems to demonstrate there are many international problems dealing bullying
and sexually abuse.

writers have appealed to a tragic on a “Tuesday’s deadly shooting in Kentucky
was the 11th on a school property this year in the U.S. and we’re not even
through January.” The reasons for this situation are because of bullying.
Bullying is mistreatment that may be dealing with severe problems. Bullying will
cause kids do harm to themselves and to others. They equally want revenge by
killing everyone that had hurt them and will cause a school shooting. Bullying
is a significant issue and over time may result by stopping it. Many kids are
getting wound because of some unpleasant words or being fun of. This is also the
president faults by utilizing the rights of carrying bear arms and legally
purchasing. They should be strict and responsible arms control.

is my honor and privilege to sentence you.” Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentencing
Larry Nassar the former doctor for the American gymnastics. “Dr. Nassar, 54,
had already been sentenced to 60 years on child pornography charges. Noting the
length of the new sentence, Judge Aquilina added, “I just signed your death
warrant.” The article reveals that Dr. Nassar was sent to 40 to 175 years in
prison for sexually abusing about 150 victims who have spoken. Contain
information about women getting sexually abusing. He is responsible for what he
did to this young woman. These 150 victims have the courage to speak up in
public of them being abused. The young women had been suffering and scared for
their life’s. The article helps people understand that there are many women’s
facing this kind situation and they should be open up. Also, women should be
more warning about their Doctors.   

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world has a problem and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Bullying
occurs everywhere from schools to even the workplace. This should be resolved
because it is killing the life of insistent people. Getting rid of bullying
will decrease suicide and murder rates; This problem can be solved by informing
people that bullying is not a joke. Sexual abuse is another problem that a lot
of young women have to deal with because of the actions of a man that think
that its right to disrespect a woman. Being more alert will help a lot of women
understand the signs of a person that is trying to harm them instead of helping
them. These topics warn others that these situations are not just news stories
that come out in news articles but problems that can affect them as well and
that why we should end the bullying and the sexual abuse.

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