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In 1917 a civil war broke out in Russia
dividing the country between two mains sides – The pro Tsar whites and the
communist Reds. By the time the war was won by the Reds between 7 and 12
million civilians had been killed.         
                        This essay will argue that the fantastic leadership
of Leon Trotsky was the most important contributor to the Reds victory because
he was able to get peasants to fight for the Reds. However other factors were
important in the reds victory especially geographical factors, lack of unity
among the whites and Foreign intervention.     

Leon Trotsky’s fantastic leadership
was key in the Red’s victory. When Trotsky was appointed as war commissar for
the Reds in 1918 he was quick to introduce conscription for those over the age
of 18. Trotsky was also able to bring in approximately 50,000 highly
experienced ex-Tsarist officers. Trotsky was a genius at crafting inspiration
speeches that had the ability to boost the morale of Red soldiers. According to
BBC Bitesize* Trotsky had an armoured train that he used to travel to the front
lines to encourage troops.                                                Trotsky could use his train to quickly
travel to areas that had the most intense conflict where he would motivate
soldiers. This train also had facilities such as a library, a telegraph machine
and a printing house. Due to this his train was essentially a highly mobile
propaganda machine that could extend the reds reach to even the furthest
corners of Russia. In addition to this Trotsky took with him on the train a
number of handpicked soldiers who were extremely effective and increased the
power of the red forces wherever they travelled. All this helped the reds win because
wherever Trotsky travelled he could inspire soldiers and make his mark
essentially leading them to victory in the civil war. Trotsky was an important
factor in the reds victory as he provided fantastic leadership, increased
discipline and restored the Red soldiers’ confidence in the cause. In comparison,
the armies of the Whites’ were lacking in discipline and had no clear leader.

The land the Reds held was an important factor in the Reds
victory. The reds held the central area of western Russia, this is where most
of the industrial centres were situated. The Reds used these Industrial centres
to produce munitions and war supplies for the red army. The Reds also were in
control of the railway lines connecting Petrograd and Moscow to the rest of the
country. So, they were able to send the munitions and war supplies, produced in
the factories they controlled, to areas of conflict very quickly. This helped
the Reds win because due to having easy access to munitions and the ability to
transport them quickly making the Reds a more effective fighting force and
contributing to their victory. Overall, Geographical Factors were important
because the ability to make and transport munitions gave the Reds a significant
upper hand on the Whites who had no fast way to transport troops who were
scattered over hundreds of miles anyway or any means of communications.

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Foreign intervention was an important factor in the Reds victory.
The White forces had the support of foreign powers including Britain, France, Japan
and the USA. These countries sent soldiers to help the Whites fight the Reds.
However the soldiers the foreign countries were tired of conflict and didn’t actually
fight in addition to this some of these soldiers were sympathetic to the Bolshevik
cause so wouldn’t have fought the Reds anyway. Due to the Reds great skills
with making propaganda they were able to use foreign intervention against the
Whites. The Reds made it look the Whites were being used by capitalist powers
and portrayed themselves as the defenders of the Russian people from foreign, capitalist
powers. This helped Reds victory because it increased the support of the people
towards the whites, although in comparison to other factors this is less
important because the Reds were not lacking in support in the first place. Overall,
Foreign intervention was an important factor in The Reds victory as it was a
clear example of how clever the Reds could be and increased support towards
them. They took something that was supposed to be beneficial towards the whites
but were instead able to turn it around and use it against the Whites. This
will no doubt have caused yet more divisions among the whites and a decreased
morale, contributing to the Reds victory.

Whites lacked unity and this was an important factor in the Reds victory. The
whites lacked good leadership. The ‘leaders’ were often cruel drug addicts who
mistreated their men. In addition to this the white leaders didn’t trust each
other and were unable to coordinate attacks, due to this the Reds found it very
easy to pick off the white armies one by one 

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