In the chaos, powerful women are empowering

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In lieu of sexual harassment allegations, the wage gap and favoritism of the patriarchy, the nation (and world) still have a lot of work ahead. Amidst the chaos, powerful women are empowering others like them to believe in themselves. With the women’s equality movement comes right wing conservatives trying to unravel the rights women have had for decades, such as Roe v. Wade. Therefore, as the nation changes, both genders need to adjust and compromise as well. For the female gender, it’s not just about empowering themselves, but proving to the world that they are not the “weaker sex.” Women’s cultural norms of today are immense. Before, there were the limited options of administrative work, nursing and being a homemaker. Nowadays, most women are employed full time in fields of their choice and make a steady income, which is vast improvement compared to forty years ago. However, men are three times likely to get called to interview for a competitive job position, according to the Harvard Business Review.  According to research from, women are less likely to advance in their workplace. The conflict? Women become mothers. When that happens, employers don’t want to deal with maternity leaves and a change in availability. Evidently, this is unfair. How can we empower fellow women when we ourselves are not getting the opportunity to reach the same accomplishments men reach?As a woman, you get accustomed to hearing the term, “That’s the way it is.” Historically females have endured sexual harassment and abuse because “that’s the way it is.” Women in the workplace aren’t promoted or paid enough because “that’s the way it is.” We need to change our language. If we don’t accept it as the way it is, then we are setting ourselves up to make positive changes. Ensuring girls can do anything boys can do removes the self-doubt that women have historically experienced.In current events, many reports of men who have been using their power for evil are getting called out on a daily basis. Louie C.K., Matt Lauer, and the egregious Harvey Weinstein have well-deserved ramifications for the abuse they have inflicted upon women. The trouble surrounding this windfall of sexual abuse allegations are the heights of punishment each man has received. Some people believe Louie C.K. was punished too harshly, that he shouldn’t have lost his many contract deals and his show on FX. The defenses are he never touched a woman and he asked for permission first. He also released a public statement admitting to his faults. This is where things get hazy. He may have not harmed a woman and he gave them options by asking for permission, but he used his power to manipulate the situation. These women wanted to get ahead with their comedy careers, but they felt cornered to agreeing. If they said “no”, then they could possibly lose out on getting more opportunities for stage time. Therefore, Louie may have not done as much harm as, say, Harvey Weinstein (whom has raped women and will likely be serving jail time), but he deserves consequences. If Louie C.K. he learns from the violations, he deserves a second chance. Just like women deserve chances. If we forgive, this means we have the strength to survive the challenges that lie ahead and rise above the negativity. Peace, not anger, empowers women.Leading an example and correcting a person is apart of equality. A workplace must be safe of any form of violence and abuse. But, to reach this goal, protection measures need to be set. Women must to feel safe from the men who employ them. Departments need to be set up within companies that prevent women, and any employer at that, from being taken advantage of.  A police station set up in an office if you will. Corporations that have a diverse and safe environment always do better than those who don’t. Therefore, wise CEOs should be empowering women.Many feminists have been hearing the terms “feminazi,” “social justice warrior” and “man haters” lately. These nicknames didn’t surface out of the blue. It’s a sensitive time in America and people are not taking lightly to jokes. But, laughter is the best medicine and it is okay to relax and enjoy the humor. The best way to empower women is to not victimize and that is includes innocuous jokes. By being hateful against the entire male gender is self-sabotage. We lose the men who support us and who are rooting for equality. We are seeking equality, not extremism. A balance of power is liberating for women. If we continue to finger-point and annihilate men, we are staying in a position of fear and victimizing our gender rather than show our strength. W Women empowerment is ubiquitous in cities, small towns and rural areas. The current administration is stressful for many minorities, but American women are strong, resilient and loud. We, the women, will not allow our sex to be silenced and we are just getting started.

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