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In my opinion,
the corner stone for a prosperous society is good education, and in developing
countries like Iran, this becomes even more critical given the need to counter
poverty and crime, and also enlighten the newer generations. Nowadays, with the
exponential growth in technology and scientific methods, employers are seeking
more education criteria from their potential employees, as the individuals must
exhibit the necessary skills related to the current challenge to be able to
tackle it and deliver their tasks. I personally believe that having a higher
degree is a necessity in today’s complex environment, as it will greatly
benefit for moving along the person’s career and the professional

In order to
have effective role in this competitive world, everyone should be specialized
in a specific field, and I believe that talent and hard work are not enough,
one should also go for his own dreams, and try to achieve them by working hard
and innate diligence. In addition, I think that women have to do more to show
their underestimated abilities. I believe that it is essential right for any
human being to be provided with facilities and opportunities when he has the
ability and interest. Regarding these points and my strong desire to study more
in the field of Architecture, I have decided to pursue my education towards
Master degree in this field. The idea of creating something, that everybody
utilizes for their daily living, which has my personal touch on it, has kept me
excited to pursue a degree in Architecture, and the more I get to know about
this “art”, the more I feel attached to it, wanting to learn more and achieve
more. I believe that I will be a successful person in this path because I have
learned to use my talents and capabilities in a right way and work hard which
are, in my belief, the most important tools in achieving goals.

play a pivotal role in society. The infrastructure that they help to build and
maintain can benefit communities and individuals for generations. For me this
simple statement sums up what it is to be an Architect, a professional who has
the opportunity to work on projects that not only change our physical
surroundings but also at the same time improve the lives of literally millions
of people. I aspire to become one of these people, as I possess a strong desire
to change our surroundings, and make a better social condition in Iran.

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To become a
competent Architect, I have passed my academic lessons as an outstanding
student and also obtained good software knowledge in architectural packages. I
believe that I had a fair amount of exposure in this field so far. This
exposure has given me a solid platform through almost four years of studying in
the university. I feel that I have not satisfied my urge to learn, especially
when there is still so much to take in. I plan to improve my knowledge and
skills which are necessary for my field of study, and I believe that
undergraduate study alone does not provide the specialized academic exposure,
essential to reach higher professional levels. I do not perceive a Bachelor’s
Degree as an end, I have strong desire to push ahead, and I plan to invest a
lot in my education to build my career. My goal is to bring back the
international exposure that I have obtained to my home country in order to
improve the quality of buildings and raise the people’s standard of living.
After graduation I can undertake the Architectural Practice Examination in
Iran, and become a register architect, and doing supervision and consulting
work locally. Another prospect is to work for the government which maybe
doesn’t meet my expectation salary at the beginning but the growth
opportunities are more. Pursue a professional career in one of the leading
architectural companies in Iran is another option for my future career plan.
Apart from that, I will have the chance to work with my aunt, as she is
planning to open up her own company after 20 years of working in the field of

universities in the world are offering programs in Architecture; but, many of
them lack the industry relevance, while the others are based more on theory.
Unfortunately, the postgraduate programs in Iran are most based on theory due
to the lack of relation between universities and industry. I feel, while the
Iranian universities have international standards, but the outcomes are not
suitable for industry and for entering the professional market, as most of the
employers are looking for people with both theoretical and practical skills.
The other obstacle in Iran for students is the difficult access to modern
laboratory and studio facilities and equipment, which causes many difficulties,
especially in art and architecture fields. I’ve decided to continue my
education at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) because of its
outstanding educational system and well-structured programs, which have been
known to resolve industry problems and simplify challenges. QUT has many
recognized professors and state-of-the-art-teaching facilities, with almost
8000 international students from more than 100 countries, I am confident about
my choice regarding the selection of this university among all universities in
the field of Architecture.

As I read
through the QUT website, I realized that I will be able to complete project-based
architectural design units in a studio setting, and work on projects with a
practical edge that will teach me to think about how buildings function and are
constructed. Working on real projects will help me to develop my industry
knowledge and practice, and create an understanding of how architects work in
the real world. The Gardens Point campus is located in Brisbane’s City Centre,
so I can get inspiration from many architectural and environmental sights
around the campus, like the historical house museum and the William Robinson
Gallery at Old Government House alongside Parliament House, and the City
Botanic Gardens. So that, I can learn practical and project-based architectural
design, with a strong focus on environments, and sustainability to make
positive effect on my own country’s architecture, and apply my knowledge along
with my practical skills to my workplace in Iran. I believe, I can gain
valuable and dynamic experiences there and it will provide me with essential
skills and expert knowledge at the forefront of the industry.

Among all
cities in Australia, I decided to choose Brisbane. At first, I opted this city
because of my chosen University. QUT is the only University in Australia that
offers one year post graduate program, and it suites me perfectly as I was
looking for the shortest way to gain international exposure and practical
experience, so that I can enter to professional sector in my home country,
Iran. Then I started reading about Brisbane, and I realized that Brisbane is
one of the oldest cities in Australia, and it is well known for distinctive
Queenslander architecture, which offers an inspiring study environment with
sunny weather, a relaxed outdoor environment and beautiful natural scenery.
Plus, it has an extensive transportation network within the city, and it’s an
affordable city for a student. Last but not least, Brisbane shares less time
difference with my home country, compared to other cities in Australia, e.g.
Melbourne and Sydney, which makes it easier for me to keep in touch with my
family and friends.

Also, my
decision to study in Australia is attributed to the fact that, Australia is a
leading country when it comes to technical excellence and higher education, and
the universities do have closer bonds to the industry and the businesses around
them, which ties the theoretical aspect of education with the practical aspect.
This would not have been achieved without the right environment and support
from the government, that’s why I believe it is an excellent location for
studying and acquiring a degree, especially for international students. On top
of that, Australia is known for having a various vibrant culture, kind and
colorful people, safe environment and diverse society, and recognized as a
front runner in higher education, which has convinced me to pursue a master’s
degree there. From various references, I have learned that Australia is the
hometown to 15 prestigious Nobel Prize laureates through the years, which could
not have been achieved without excellent infrastructure for education
institutes and strong support from the government. While, in my home country of
Iran, every year the government kept on decreasing the funding for universities
and the educational institutes, which resulted in a big gap in the practical
aspects of education and affected the existence of proper laboratories and
tools for learning. Plus, one of my strongest motivations to study abroad and
pursue a higher degree is to gain invaluable life experiences and grow as a
person, which will definitely be of great aid to my next step towards a
successful professional career in Iran.

I have
graduated in Architectural Engineering at the Islamic Azad University, Iran in
earlier 2016. After I graduated I started looking for jobs in order to start my
career life, it did not take me long to realize that in order to indulge
professional career in upscale companies, build higher skill and to learn new
technologies in this field, higher studies in the field of Architecture in
reputed International Institution is very essential. Moreover, I decided to get
my university degree as well as transcript and start applying for universities
abroad. I could not get my transcript unless I have my degree according to
Islamic Azad University rules, as you see in my degree (attached) the
“Date of Central Organization Certification” is 30/07/2017 this means
I got my original degree and transcript in mid-2017. This was the first reason
for my delay in continue studying which I could not do anything about.

Therefore, I
decided to use this one and a half year and start studying for English in order
to getting ready for IELTS exam, and at the same time start teaching
architectural software in private classes, and working as a freelance artist to
save some money for my future study. Also, I joined other extracurricular
activities, such as workshops, attending to some international competitions,
researches and professional internships, aiming to increase my knowledge, gain
experience and get involved in academic activities. Although, I was away from
studying for some time but I have always tried to strengthen my skills and stay
up to date with self-studying and being involved with architectural subjects.
These experiences were instrumental in developing my communication skills, and
I learned how to work both independently and as part of a group while meeting
deadlines under pressure. Overall, I expect that my undergraduate experiences
will be immensely useful when in graduate school, as I will be able to draw
upon the skills that I have learned and overcome any challenges that I may

I have been
brought up in a family that has strong inclinations towards science, learning
has always been my initial goal. I am the only child to my parents, who got
divorced about 15 years’ back. Ever since I have lived with my mother and I am
just looking for an opportunity to gain the essential experiences that I need
and come back to her as soon as I finish. My mother works for the government at
the moment, and according to my culture I have a moral obligation to take care
of her after her retirement. My mother had completed her education abroad and
she always tells me that those years were the best experience she has ever had,
that’s why she encourages me to continue my education in other country, to
experience more challenging situations in my life and take the advantage of
modern educational systems.

Finally, I
would like to express my appreciation for the time and effort you will invest
in this application, I am grateful for being a step closer towards pursuing a
higher degree in Australia by getting the admission from Queensland University
of Technology, in which I will try and do my best for achieving the desired
outcome of the program, I strongly believe that by joining to QUT I will have a
promising future and will be enabled to accomplish many achievements in my
career and field of interest. I hope that the Australian government will
consider my case and grant me the necessary visa on time, making it possible
for me to take the last step to study in Australia.

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