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In our very first workshop, we did a numerous amount of different exercises. These different exercises were very interesting and I could see how a child would enjoy doing these type of activities in their school life. The first activity we started off with was ”The Name Game Ice breaker”. This activity involved the class first being split into small groups and after a simple rhythm was made and everyone would say their own name and later on the others would also say the others name after learning them. This type of exercise could be used on the first day of school for the students to familiarize themselves with the class and in order to make new friends. Learning a childs name is very important as not only does calling someone by their name connect you better with that person, but it also increases accountability, trust, empathy, and positive communication. Learning their name makes them feel as though they are part of something , they feel safe and will also feel welcome in a community. Their name will also show their individuality. We should also know a students names as students are more likely to behave since they know they are actually being seen. So this would result in more positive behaviour in the classroom. The child will also open up more to the teacher if they knew their name.In my opinion ”Number Leap” would be a very effective game for young children. In this activity the children would first learn a song about numbers then in pairs hold onto each other and with one leg jump with each number that is said and try to keep balance. We should not be teaching children just by simply telling them to copy something or write to learn but we should teach in a way that would also be considered enjoyable for them. This exercise does exactly that as whilst the children would be learning the numbers with the educational song they are also moving and jumping with their friends when saying each number. Play must be involved within learning. A child will remember more if they are doing something rather than listening to someone speak. This activity would also help the students gain trust with their fellow class mates when they are trying to balance with them. An important part of any preschool classroom is singing. Singing contributes to teach behavior, basic skills, and social skills. Preschool songs also use rhymes to help children to learn vocabulary and communication skills. With these nursery rhymes they will also improve their language. Singing as a group improves children’s behaviour. It helps them bond. Through songs they express their feelings. Musical activity involves many different parts of the brain, so singing helps in the development of a child. Since this exercise also involves movement it also helps in order for a child to be more active rather than sitting down and just listening to the teacher speak or watching videos.”Mesmerizing sleep” is an activity in which students must close their eyes and the teacher will tell the the students different scenes for them to imagine. The teacher can tell them to imagine they are someone or something else in order for them to relax. For example, in the workshop, we pretended to be a candle.  With meditation we are practicing mindfulness. Meditation influences the brain and emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-control, social awareness,social management , attention  and self esteem. Meditation will effect physical health as it opens our hearts , enhances relationships, develops our imagination, develops communication, develops respect to self and it changes our perception to life. Meditation also helps to decrease stress. We should incorporate meditation in our students learning process to help nurture their mind development, It will help them develop emotional regulation and cognitive focus. These exercises are easy to do in a classroom and any teacher could practice them. In my opinion they would be very effective and suitable for children of a young age. I think children would not only learn from these exercises but also enjoy themselves which is a very important thing in teaching children. Some of these exercises could be applied by dividing the class into smaller groups in order for the child to find them easier. All the exercises should be explained carefully to students in order for them to understand. Children should also not be forced to do an activity that they do not want to do or do not feel comfortable with doing. If the kids aren’t interested in your lesson or activity we should change it. These exercises made me realize how we can easily improve the way we are teaching in the classroom. These exercises taught me that from a simple exercise we are achieving and learning many different things. I also think that these exercises helped me even as an adult to get to know more about the other students in the same course as me. When all the exercises were done I felt closer to my classmates and felt that I now know more now about setting activities in the classroom and also about the way we should speak to children. 

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