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In today’s fast-paced world when almost everything is technology-driven, teaching too cannot remain untouched with technology so a paradigm of perfect teaching ambiance will be when teachers gladly and open-heartedly embrace technology which in turn will help their students to perform better.Schools must use technology that empowers teachers. One of the pervasive reasons why teachers reject education technologies is that they divert their attention from instruction. There are many teacher-empowering technologies are available like mobile apps that provide lesson plan databases and grade written student work. School systems should work aggressively to determine what works best for the teachers and promote the same.   Teachers should not fear open-source technologies. It is the wrongly-held belief among many teachers that educational technologies are complicated to use and expensive. Open-source technologies are compatible, secure and stable. Both large as well as small organizations use open source devices every day. Many businesses use open-source servers for their cost savings and efficiency.Use online education portfolios to evaluate students. Teachers long know the benefits of paper-based portfolios for generations. It helps students to pour in their creativity for difficult to assess subjects. Teachers can pick up from a variety of online portfolio providers tailored to the needs of their classroom. Advantages of online portfolios over paper-based options are many as they allow for more robust outreach and cost less.Teachers should embrace the Common Core State Standards. Common standards make teaching simpler. Teachers have to write lessons as per district, state and national standards.Having a single set of standards weed out conflicting guidelines and redundancy. Additionally, universal adoption of common standards will assist and spur future technological innovations that help teachers. From a technical perspective, standards help in the development of new technologies. Innovators tend to engage in solving technical challenges of interoperability by multiple sets of standards instead they should focus on developing tools that better serve students.

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