In this century, pollution around the globe is a growing risk to the entire world. Air pollution is more harmful than water and land. Air pollution defines the introduction of chemicals, gases, solid wastes into the environment that is unfavourable for human health and the natural environment. It is not only dangerous to human but also to the other living organisms. As per the World Health Organisation assessment, every year 2.4 million people die because of air pollution. According to that, the entire world should step forward to limit the danger that we are causing to the planet. In my point of view, people should be more aware of risk factors and preventive measures of air pollution so that we can limit the air pollution in our daily life.


Air pollution can result from both human and natural actions. Events of nature that pollute the air include forest fire, volcano eruption and wind eruption. Human activities are more dangerous than the pollution from nature. Some of the human activities lead to air pollution is burning fossil fuels, smoking in public places, use of chemicals for farming and household activities, industrialisation in urban areas and deforestation. In my esteemed opinion, by introducing some of the preventive measures to daily activities can reduce air pollution in to the environment. In spite of the both the national governments and individuals must take part in activities that reduce air pollution.


The first step to reduce the air pollution is, raise the awareness in people about the air pollution. For that media is the best option to disseminate the information to the people. The government should encourage medias to telecast more advertisement on causes of air pollution and its preventive measures. Thereby people can make out the activities that are causing air pollution and will be more conscious of it. Moreover, it is important to raise the awareness in children also, for that the government should introduce the air pollution preventive measures as part of the curriculum.

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The second main step is the limiting of heavy vehicles in the day to day life. Today’s society, 90% people are using private vehicle for the comfortable travelling. Although it increases the level of air pollution by burning fossil fuels and it is resulting in more health hazardous to human. Instead of using the personal vehicle, people can use public transport for travelling and also the government must provide concession on public transport. Additionally, motivate people to walk or use bicycle for travelling to nearby places.


The third step is the prohibition of smoking in private places. Smoking is not only harmful to the people around you but also the smoker too. Smoking can cause lung diseases such as bronchitis, chronic pulmonary diseases and major is the lung cancer. Equally, it causes many health problems in children such as severe asthma, respiratory infections and sudden infant death syndrome. Another way to reduce the air pollution is, limiting industrialisation in urban areas. The emission of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases from the factories are highly hazardous to human health and other living organisms in the environment. Additionally, depletion of chemicals in farming and house hold activities are another step to reduce air pollution. Encourage people to use natural products for these all activities. Introducing these all methods to our daily life, we can save human health and our environment from air pollution.


To sum up, air is the most important requirement of living things. The entire world should step forward to reduce the activities that are resulting air pollution. So that we can save whole nature from the pollution. It also helps our new generation to live in an unpolluted environment.



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