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In Society today
there are many controversial issues, but one that stands out is Should minors
be charged as adults for serious crimes? It stands out because that’s something
that should be talked about. We need to know if people think minors should be
charged as adults for their actions, or not. It has been stated that they
shouldn’t be tried as adults because they are just kids and have no idea what
they are doing. Currently, there is a great debate happening about whether or
not they should be tried as adults, some people believe that they shouldn’t
because they come out more damaged. Yet others believe they should, they need
to suffer the consequences despite their age. After examining both positions, it
is evident that Minors should be charged as adults for serious crimes. I
believe they should be charged as adults because they are responsible for their
actions, it’s not fair they get a more lenient sentence (even though some are
serious), and it’s not fair to the parents of the victims or the other people
in jail.

begin with, one reason they should be held accountable for their actions. For
example, in paragraph 1 the author states “Juveniles who commit violent crimes
should be treated the same as adults” (Ray, Julie. “Public: Adult Crimes
Require Adult Time.” Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing, 11 Nov.
2003, p.       1.EBSCOhost,
I definitely agree with this as this evidence suggest that there is people who
believe that even though some kids are minors they should still be tried as
adults. There is 59% who said they should be treated as so, the other 42% said
no. When juvenile crimes started rising it was easier for them to be charged as
adults. Yes, they are minors, but I’m sure that they have a good idea on what
they are doing. When you are a kid you know that taking someone’s life is not
okay, if other kids are capable of seeing that criminals are too. Not only
should they be responsible for their actions but they also shouldn’t off easy.

Another reason is that they shouldn’t get more lenient
sentences a criminal is a criminal despite their age. For instance, paragraph 3
says “Why should juveniles be treated any different than adults when it comes
to crimes” (9hchs1259,Houston TX.” Teens should absolutely be tried as adults
when they commit adult crimes”. Tech  
I couldn’t agree more with this because them being under age shouldn’t affect
how the punishment is settled. Youths who commit crimes are still criminals. If
they rape someone, Kill, torture, stalk, they should be punished as adults do
when they commit something so horrible. This fact proves exactly what I’m
trying to say, you would want someone who did horrible things to someone you
love to get the longest punishment as possible.   

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only should they get harder sentences but they should be tried as adults so the
family of the victims can rest in peace, get closer in a way. In paragraph 1
its says and I quote “The criminals leave their victims and family to suffer
forever since the criminals get a short sentence” (Goldmark, S. M. and Heather Newton.
“Counterpoint: In some Situations, Teens Should Be Tried as
Adults.” Points of View: Sentencing for Juvenile Offenders,
3/1/2016, p. 3. EBSCOhost,
And I agree. The family is left in despair wondering where everything went
wrong and it’s not fair. They should be able to walk outside and not feel like
the offender is looking for revenge. They should be able to sleep and not have
nightmares. They should be able to rest in peace knowing the criminal is in
jail. Not perhaps doing what they did to their family to someone else. Would
you want that? Would you want the Juvenile delinquent that killed your loved
one to get a short sentence or long one, get tried as an adult or minor? Although
some people think they shouldn’t be tried as adults the point  

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