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In Benjamin Banneker’s letter to
Thomas Jefferson, his was to have slaves be free despite the country
establishing ideals of freedom, equality and inalienable rights  of the pursuit of liberty. The south had many
cotton  plantations and the economy
depended on slaves to do the  work, this
allowed them to deepen the impact of the southern economy. Anti- Slavery groups
wanted to come to a consensus and support an emancipation for slaves but the
south had used the domestic slave trade for a source of income.

In Banneker’s letter, Banneker argues
that Jefferson’s belief, advocating the idea of while also stating that “all
men are created equal” is hypocritical. Banneker unfolds his letter, he
emphasizes Jefferson’s lack of attention to civil rights.  Prior to Banneker’s imprisonment referencing
to the Colonization of America as “tyranny of the British crown”(Paragraph 2
lines 1-2) while undermining their goals. Banneker’s knowledge of Jefferson’s
motives are demonstrated as he recites the passage from the Declaration of
Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable
rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness.”(paragraph 2 lines 12-14). Banneker’s purpose of giving Jefferson the
letter was to inflict guilt forcing Jefferson to realize his personal
unethicality. Banneker also utilizes the term “sir” towards Thomas Jefferson
although he had bitter resentment to calm the harshness. Banneker uses his religious appeals
to attack Jefferson’s attitude towards pro-slavery “Sir, if these are
sentiments of which you are fully persuaded, I hope you cannot but acknowledge,
that it is the indispensable duty of those who maintain for themselves the
rights of human nature, and who profess the obligations of Christianity, to
extend their power and influence to the relief of every part of the human
race,” To assuage the sentiments of Thomas Jefferson, he adds profession of
religion. Thus, the main goal for Banneker is for Thomas to realize that stating
all men are equal while hypocritically advocating slavery. Benjamin
Banneker points out the injustices of slave trade that Banneker’s ancestors had
been in. Banneker was motivated in creating a tone in which he builds his
credibility to get sympathy from Jefferson about former hardships to perhaps
reach common ground. Also, Banneker uses complex wording to form his argument
to Jefferson as he establishes himself as an adversary in obtaining equal
rights for his people. Banneker builds his credibility by stating that he too
has been through horrifying adversities, as Jefferson has, in trying to achieve
freedom and independence.

 The consequences that could lead down the way for the
nation as well as Thomas Jefferson would be not realizing the unnoticed
injustices regarding the slave-trade. As hypocritical for Thomas to address in
the pursuit of achieving freedom, slavery was supported. From a personal
standpoint I agree in Banneker’s point of view that there should be a certain degree of information
before stating ideas that could make a hypocritical. The solution Banneker
seeks is for Thomas Jefferson to take into consideration of what he is doing. With
kind regards from Banneker “on my return to my place of residence I
industriously applied myself thereto which I hope I have accomplished with
correctness and accuracy, a copy of which I have taken the liberty to direct to
you and which I humbly request you will favorably receive.” Is the notion under
which Banneker asks for the legitimacy under Jefferson’s claims advocating a
movement in rejecting the harsh policies of tyranny while being a victim to
what lay in terrible condition of the process of slaves being sold. Banneker
proceeds on to state Jefferson’s “knowledge of the situation” which tone in the
view that Jefferson already knows of Slavery and still chooses to abandon his
own words on the issue. Banneker’s criticism of Jefferson is shown in his a bitter
tone, political validity and ironic reflections of Jefferson’s hypocrisy. The
disgust of Jefferson’s actions towards slavery is the basis for Banneker’s
argument is against slavery. 

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