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In November 2013, five officers got mad at an inmate, Kevin Moore, for talking back and beat him viciously. “They proceeded to kick, punch and beat him with batons for what court documents describe as “an extended period,” leaving him with five fractured ribs, a collapsed lung and multiple facial fractures.” 54 year old Moore had not done anything extremely wrong to be severely beaten by not one or two but five officers. The officers even ripped out some of Moore’s dreadlocks and claimed it as a “trophy.” Instead of being sent to a hospital moore was sent in solitary confinement. When a guard found him the next day he was sent to the hospital and was hospitalized for 17. However, Moore was falsely accused of attacking and injuring a guard by the five officers.The main reason why most of these officers are not prosecuted is because of the union contract. The union contract give officers the right to refuse answering questions by police which makes it hard to start an investigation in the first place. Moreover, the contract requires a complex process in which arbitrators decide what to in certain cases. But since these arbitrators want to keep their jobs they often suspend officers instead of actually firing officers. The fact that many officers get away with injuring, raping, and killing people is unacceptable. Officers get away with their wrongdoing in many instances because district attorneys are hesitant to charge officers. The communities economic health depends on the officers working.The union contract however is being renegotiated by the mayor. Although Governor Cuomo has pushed for a better disciplinary system, and strengthened the way the system investigates Governor Cuomo has to come up with a new contract that strengthens state control instead of the prison system. It is about time that officers be held accountable for their actions. Just because they are officers doesn’t mean they don’t have to follow the rules everybody else follows. Being an officer doesn’t give anybody the right to act like everybody is inferior.This new contract will hold officers accountable for their wrongdoings.

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