In Such tags are known as tag synonyms.

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In the recent days, people prefer
using online media for communicating, collaborating and sharing information
with each other. This exchange of information through internet is a form of E-
Learning. It is one of the most popular learning tools these days, helping
large number of learners with different backgrounds, capabilities and goals to
understand and learn new concepts easily. There are various forms of online
media which are used by developers and software engineers to help get solutions
to their queries. Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu are some of the examples of
community driven Question and Answer websites which emphasize on technical
aspects of Software Development and Engineering. Amongst all these, if
developers have Ubuntu operating system related queries, they usually prefer
using Ask Ubuntu information site.

The metadata for this website is
usually the tags that help to index, categorize and search particular content
with certain number of key words. Tags also help in providing meaningful
description and allowing users to index and organize their content (Clen et
al., 2013). Hence, the tags that are given to a particular question should be
more accurate. However, this process can be confusing for beginners and for
people with less experience. Furthermore, tags are not related to any specific
vocabulary and hence users can select any tags of their preference to describe
the resource, which ultimately may lead to addition of incorrect tags. This leads
to disrupt the organization of information on the website.

Additionally, in certain scenarios,
there might be a possibility that two tags might have different names but same
meaning. Such tags are known as tag synonyms. Hence introducing tag recommendation
decreases possibility of introducing tag synonyms as well. Furthermore, there
is a need to implement a more accurate tag recommendation system which will
help users to choose appropriate tags for their post/question. This will ensure
that the probability of assigning the incorrect tags for a particular question
is reduced.

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This project aims on implementing techniques
for recommending tags for the Ask Ubuntu questions and to determine the technique
that works best for this dataset. 

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