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In my
opinion, the violence in media highly influence people, as our brains are
highly sensitive when it comes to acknowledging new information. Our brain is
not able to tell the difference between fiction and reality that is why we are
afraid after watching horror movies. Some people are more sensitive to it that
others and by this more likely to experience disturbance between fiction and
reality. However, some of the sources that I have researched disagree with this
statement. They believe that media has no effect on our nerve system, mental
development or our behavior. Overall, the opinion on this issue is


I decided
to concentrate and evaluate quite important issue, “Does violence in media
promotes violence in society?” I decided to choose this issue, as in the future
I am planning on becoming a psychologist. I found this topic really
fascinating, as it’s a global issue that affects all of us, yet not many people
are aware of this. I grow up in the after communist system, where the video
games or violent films were a taboo issue. People strongly believed that by
promoting violence in media the future generation will be more likely to become
a pathological citizenship. Therefore, I grow up in a completely different
environment that my younger siblings. Since they were born, they had free
access to all type of games and films, as the age range has dropped drastically
to catch up with the changing society needs. By observing their behavior, I
realized how different they are in acting and responding to particular
situations. It really made me think, “Can media really influence us so much”?

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we have really easy access to any type of media. It’s a very controversial
issue as some people can’t imagine their lives without it. They violence in
media is increasing drastically and it makes people craving for more action and
more violence as our emotional system gets used to it and need more stimuli to
make us feel exited again and to shock the audience. It might encourage people
to cross some lines and break the rules in the name of looking for more
satisfying entertainment. It most likely can lead to violence behavior, as this
is what people been watching their entire life. They been raised on violent
patterns which helped them to get rid of our natural instincts, like fear from
death or blood. Also, their feeling was more likely reduced, such as fear,
empathy, love or compaction. It changes people’s behavior and it might lead to
changes in the social system, media violence is not different from other risk
factors for aggression.     

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