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In “The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell (2000) explains that in this era of raising vogue different possibilities and crisis situation can become unexpectedly very famous. Through various example and causal analysis states that how rural unremarkable proposal appears like viruses and reached a tipping point that can be simulated by any to accomplish their ideas.Gladwell begins by explaining about fashion trends and the fact that “little causes can have big effects.” (pg 406), just as it did for hush puppies which were a very uncommon variety of era that suddenly becomes unexceptionally popular in the mid-1990s. moreover, the supervisors of the Hush puppies were being told that the classic hush puppies are becoming fashionable in the clubs and bars of Downton. As a result, more people started to purchase Hushpuppies in the large quantity. Also, in 1995, nationally known fashion designers decided to incorporate hush puppies in their exertion. In addition to this, several celebrities wor Hushpuppies to film premiers and custom shows. In this way, Hush puppies quadruplicated their trades without advertising in less than a year. Moving onto explains about dwindle in breach percentage, Gladwell analyzed the unexpected difference in the neighborhood of Brownville in the New York where no one could be seen on the walkway of the streets, juveniles grew up learning not to ride bicycle in the boulevard, old people do not sit in stop and there were stammering count of murders. Also, smugglers and gangs could be observed in every nook and corner of Brownsville. In 1993, a tipping point was reached then, suddenly, something outlandish happened and crime rate to drop off rapidly. the crime rate decline by 66% and pedways begin to fill up again, children could be seen riding bicycles and folks reappear on the benches. Moving further, the another relates two different examples to make clear how ideas, products, messages, and behaviors spread throughout society. Although they both have different aspects but have the same skeleton, just as handful of people spreading a disease to cause an epidemic. He also writes that ideas been to spread dramatically, to exemplify, the hipsters of Manhattan ultimately influenced million of American shoppers by wearing Hush Puppies. Similarly, in Brownsville, policing got a bit superior as a result of which there were incremental changes. Also, he uses contrasting examples of epidemics to show how little changes can have big effects here he gives typical example of heavily socialized human beings who always try to achieve perfection like dramatical progression that take a whole sheet of paper all the way to sun to cause a epidemic just as a product such as fax machine and all phone starting and reaching a tipping point where the possibilities of profound variations are more rather than certainty. In conclusion, it takes a two people to cause massive shift in society by behaving a certain way which is contagious and attractive to people, whether that being in the examples given by the author that we see in everyday life where people are willing to change due to examples that are set by someone and their openers and mindset to follow that path. A perfect example is the in bucket challenge that was started with one person and spread through the internet like a virus. In the and a single change spread to create a synergistic effect which will lead to the world changing.

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