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In April of 1837, the town of Carmel, Indiana was established,
but under the name of Bethlehem by John Felps, Alexander Mills, Seth Green, &
Daniel Warren. In the 1820’s the early settlers were attracted to the land due
to the huge opportunities naturally. The land was perfect to make their homes
with how level the land was. This area was originally used for hunting grounds
until later pilgrims arrived and settled the area. This land was also formerly occupied
by the Delaware or Miami Native Americans. Starting out as fourteen subversions
of land, this Quaker town gradually developed, taking off with the fur trading
economy. A general store was built in 1837, eight years later the first
schoolhouse was built, then in 1846 a post office, but the populaces were informed
that the U.S. Post Office already had another town in Indiana that was registered
under the name of Bethlehem. In 1874, by a referendum vote of thirty-three to twelve,
the town was officially integrated & adopted the name “Carmel”.

It was not until 1883 when the Monon Railroad was laid through the town that
the economy exploded. The rails allowed for quick transportation of crop goods.

The road expansion of the 1960’s created a huge boom for the city. In the next
decade, Carmel annexed twenty-one properties & still continues expanding to
this day.

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Today some well-known parks are the Cool Creek Park which is
a popular place for people to hang out & see a band perform.  Another other park is Flowing Well Park which
is also a favorite among the community as well, although it might not be big or
impacting it has a lot of people that love to visit it.  Another huge part of Carmel is the Arts &
Design District, also known as downtown Carmel. This area is hugely popular
among families & teens to hang out & has been recently revamped to
create a more commercialized, small-town feel. 
In this area, there is the Public Library which is another place that
people love to visit & spend their time in downtown Carmel.  The Monon Center is a large outdoor water
park with many indoor pools & a fitness center that the community of Carmel
greatly enjoys.  This center connects to
the Monon Trails which replaced the Monon railroads & is now used to
exercise on or enjoy leisurely. Carmel’s most popular location though is
probably Clay Terrace.  Located ideally
along Keystone Parkway which is a major road that connects nearly everything in
Carmel together, it is a booming mall that is visited by everyone in the area
for anything they need.



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