In the past all lectures were done in physics, with the emergence of new technologies that have changed; Nowadays, most conferences are held online; calls virtual meetings, online meetings or Webinars.All this with direct advantages, the online conferences are International, they DO NOT require transfer expenses since they are 100% by Internet; neither costs such as hotel stays, etc.; also for organizer would avoid rental of event hall.Which is why Webinars (webinars) are directly the best and most economical alternative for people like companies.There are several strategies for which webinars are used, among which are:1.    Informative meeting about a multilevel business.2.    Information about a product coming to market or that came out a while ago.3.    Internal session about an international company to discuss essential points or information about it.4.    Online course in Live on a specific subject.5.    And many other ways.The prices for obtaining the Webinar tool vary according to the providers, the number of attendees allowed, among many other factors; However, the value to invest in this powerful tool is accessible; obtaining a substantial saving that doing the conferences in physical.Many multi-level companies that offer this system or online conference service have been increasing, but none has the professional impact and the benefits so outstanding as provided by   Citrix Online through its ” GoToWebinar ” service.Among the ten unbeatable reasons to choose GoToWebinar:1.    Celebrate as many events online as you want at a fixed price2.    Generate contacts economically for your sales employees3.    Increase the reach of your brand message4.    Raise customer loyalty with product training sessions5.    Continuously increase the presence of your brand6.    Save phone costs thanks to the excellent VoIP technology7.    Reduce work and organization costs for events8.    Minimize travel costs for you and other people9.    Introduce yourself to the public from a Mac or PC10.    Use web seminars as a tool for your relationship managementPersonally I invite you to try Goto Webinar now totally free for a period of 30 days with capacity of up to 100 attendees and you will be surprised of additional benefits that you do not mention, such as recording your conferences, being able to access not only from a computer but through a simple call; In addition to other endless advantages.If you have still launched a product to the market or do not handle monthly membership business; You can give lectures about a product that pays by affiliate commission, (in clickbank you will find many options) and benefit from the committees that can generate, in fact without charging to attend so as to have a more significant number of visitors that later become clients and you earn more money; You can also invite the creator of the product which would also be supporting your strategy to promote your product and ask you to interact in the conference, a discount, additional bonus or any policy that you consider appropriate.

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