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In today’s industries, applications of metal matrix composites (MMCs) are being increasing day by day, especially in aerospace and automobile industries. The characteristics of MMCs can be designed into the material, custom-made, dependent on the application. From this potential, metal matrix composites fulfill all the desired conceptions of the designer. Metal matrix composites are formed by the combination of metal matrix and hard reinforcing phase. Incorporation of silicon carbide particles attributes towards their superior specific strength, specific stiffness, high temperature capability, lower coefficient of thermal expansion and better wear-resistance. (HouyemAbderrazak and EmnaSelmaneBelHadjHmida 1996). For many researchers the term metal matrix composites (MMCs) is often equated with the term light metal matrix composites (LMCs) because of their high strength to weight ratio (low density high tensile strength). Substantial progress in the development of light metal matrix composites has been achieved in recent decades, so that they could be introduced into the most important applications. In engineering, especially in the automotive industry, LMCs have been used commercially in fiber reinforced pistons and aluminum crank cases with strengthened cylinder surfaces as well as particle-strengthened brake disks 1. As they are harder comparatively they are generally difficult to machine.

Previous literature indicates that polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) are mainly used for the machining of particulate reinforced MMCs because it shows less tool wear and a useful tool life when machining these materials with PCD tools, which is harder than alumina Al2O3, and silicon carbide (SiC) and it also does not have a chemical tendency to react with the work piece material. However, due to the extremely high cost of PCD tools, many industries limits their use and shows interest in less expensive tools like cemented carbides and ceramics to machine these materials.

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