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In 1967, Israel suddenly launched a pre-emptive attack on Egypt and the 6 days war had begun. Through this war, Israel first captured the whole Jerusalem and the Western Wall after 2000 years, which was under the control of the Jordanian authority. This entrance of the Jewish into Jerusalem was as they got their home back. Israel claims that they had asked the Jordanian forces to stay out of the war but despite their request, Jordanian forces fired artillery barrages at them and occupied UN headquarters in Jerusalem. Then, Israel fought back and recaptured Jerusalem and got the chance to embrace the claimed holly place of Temple Mount and the western wall. Nevertheless, one cannot deny Zionists dream to have Jerusalem as an undivided capital of Israel and for that, they were lobbying with the USA and the UN from a long ago. A statistic of the Jewish Virtual Library shows that in 94 years from 1920 to 2014 almost 21,178 Jewish or Israelis were killed and 36,260 were wounded because of both Arab-Israeli and Palestine-Israel conflict. Another statistic shows that in 66 years from 1948 to 2014 almost 3,791 Israeli were killed by the attacks from Palestinians.

Another statistic shows that, in 14 years from 2000 to 2014, almost 1101 Israeli were killed because of several conflicts between the two group, which is about 13% in comparison to the deaths of the Palestinians. These statistics clearly prove the consequences of the whole confliction on the people of Israel too. According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel has presented far-reaching peace proposals on various occasions. It also says, Israel has withdrawn forces, uprooted settlements, made major concessions, relinquished extensive tracts of land, dismantled military bases, and helped the Palestinians to establish a foundation of self-government. But in return, they got the Palestinian campaign of terror, suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and drastic incitement against Israelis and Jewish. Israel has 5 principles towards the peace process.

In short, Israel will recognize a state of Palestine only if the Palestinians also recognize the Jewish state of Israel. But on the contrary, Israel also says that even if the Palestinian state is recognized, they cannot have any military power and it must be effective demilitarization in concern of terrorism and any further attacks against Israel’s sovereignty. Besides, Israel also denies taking any responsibility regarding the refugee crisis of Palestine as they want Israel to be the world’s only Jewish country. Peace must be permanent, should completely conclude the conflict, and no interim stage will be allowed. And finally, any peace treaty should be guaranteed by the international community and led by the United States. However, to ensure the peace process, Israel also made a disengagement of their forces from Gaza in 2005. But in return, they got hundreds of rockets targeting them from Hamas. Israel thinks that they have got only the behaviour of enmity from Palestine.

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Palestinians are educating their children as anti-Israel and they deny accepting the existence of Israel in Palestine. Israel also thinks that if the Palestinian get the chance to have military power then they will hit back to the Jewish and try to recapture the whole Palestine to erase the map of Israel as the Jewish state. 

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