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recent years, e-commerce has spread widely in Saudi Arabia, which supports all
areas, services, products and goods through the Internet . It does not require
large capital, which means providing the effort to build buildings, offices and
employees. And also for easy browsing on products and services. In contrast,
there is a category of people who do not match the electronic payment through
the cards and who have difficulty in choosing the appropriate product and an
important factor and the basic point of safety for some.

choosing a website for your e-commerce project you should be looking for the
things that are common in the community so that you can integrate their needs
with your services or products so focus on the right choice at the right time

would like to talk about a product that allows desktop sharing and remote
control where assistance is requested by uploading your order online and
handled by the product to meet demand. The product provides a lot of services
to customers in all electronic fields of computer, tablet or mobile devices
where Provides a database to provide the client with files and tools.

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the spread of electronic devices of all kinds and all the large systems within
them. There are users who do not know how to deal with them. It’s a problem. As
usage becomes important in our world, we have to find opportunities to provide
users with the necessary information, services and assistance to use them
properly by asking for support from a brother, colleague or friend. Our site is
easy to communicate through the product and ask for help and thus communicate
through writing, audio or video.


main point of the product is that the need to use electronic devices has become
a key element in our lives and we must provide support to keep up with the
world and walk towards achieving the individual goals of users and find a way
to use them.


product supports a lot of processes that each user needs in compatibility to
the ideal use of various items of devices and systems. The most important of
which is the provision of the user and the transfer of files needed and needed
for the device, whether a desktop or tablet or mobile, asking for assistance in
a specific use, and explanation of the existing service and the device and to
perform a specific task on the device by communicating in writing or audio or
video, providing solutions to all problems related to electronic devices For
example, installing a program or activating a program or changing the language
or similar problems facing the user electronic to perform its work.


to assess strengths and weaknesses / opportunities and threats common to the
project, to focus on the idea of the project and work to develop strengths and
opportunities and eliminate the weaknesses and threats then
will help you see the company’s long-term path.


solutions and assistance to customers.

at any time and all electronic fields.

a free product that allows you to communicate.

use is easy.


of confidence in dealing.

bad way to connect support.


and payment method.


to transfer resources, act as the client in front of you.

the perfect style to each person with different thinking.


internet speed.

of credibility.

the course of technology is a threat to work.

is not enough knowledge to use the product to communicate.



website must be clear, The colors are consistent and comfortable for the eye ,user-friendly
and effortless, and do not make the visitor need to explain how to use the
site. It is essential that the site guides its users and provides them with all
the information they need easily and simply. It is
essential to attract young people to stay connected with them. Site
content must be unique and regularly updated. The
quality of implementation is the primary objective of ensuring a stable location
,Safe , fast, and reliable.


In the
main tab there will be important buttons, the first button from the top will be
“Click here” responsible for the first step you want to join us, and
you will create your account and record user information such as name, age,
gender, username, password ) it
should be strong), Your birthday, mobile number, email, location, I
agree to the Terms of Service, If you already have an account there will be an
option to sign in directly 

In the
middle of the page we have four choices, the first selection of
“help” inside the device you want to help, such as mobile phone,
tablet, desktop, laptop and also the type of problem  , For those who want to assist in the input of
data of all kinds and supports the Arabic language and English language, design
requests for websites, requests for programming for desktop devices and mobiles
,  Developing forums, programming PHP,
using Microsoft files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and then you will send the request
to us and we will communicate with you  and respond to you when
the task will be completed.

second option is to search for files that may be needed by the user or are
missing like software design, protection programs, And office programs, Burning
and copying programs, And Multimedia programs, And maintenance programs, And
programs for decompression, And download programs Windows files such
as download Arabic language, definition devices (sound, screen and motherboard
…), program files such as security programs, video programs, programs such as
screen capture and deletion of temporary files and browsers. There are also
known programs such as McAfee, Google Chrome , tool files, and will include all types of devices, mobile,
tablet and others.

third selection is explanations about the various devices such as the
performance of a task or description of the program and the way it is used or
for tasks within programs and devices, and various lessons such as How to
recover deleted files from computer , How to divide a hard disk , How to
change the device language and update the device. Convert Word and PowerPoint
files to PDF files . How to install hardware definitions ,Remove
temporary files on your computer, how to speed up your PC, how to transfer
programs from Partition C to anywhere else to save space, how to reset factory
settings for Windows 10 and solve all problems,

fourth choice is how to load Windows or how to install a specific program or to
perform a specific task. It is similar to the third option, but we will
implement it together via the desktop sharing program.


At the
end of the page there are four choices about the project or about us, the first
selection of “how to help” will be charged the way you deal with our
tasks in the sense that it will explain to you how to download the program of
participation and contact with you and full information about it.

second selection will inform you about the products used in the project such as
communication and download programs and all our accounts through social
networking programs such as Instagram ,YouTube ,Twitter ,Facebook and others, There
are common questions and repeated, and there is a choice to advertise us through social networking

third choice is “Contact Us” by adding the name, address, e-mail,
message, send to us, To send suggestions that you see in favor of the site, or
to send complaints about a particular service or performance.

fourth choice is a piece that talks about us and about the beginning of the
project and its objectives, About
the site’s support and how the operations are carried out and the methods used.


website has tools, programs and functions to run the site and publish its own
services. Depending on the needs of the site, for example, to have large files
or to be browsing only or games and then decide what tools will support your
site and here we will review the tools, programs and functions of the current

CRM ; It
includes a database of all customer information and the organization’s
communication with them, customer visits, customer choices, a map of customer
moves, and helps to provide customer base assessment to increase the quality
and value of the customer relationship, based on the organization’s strategies
and objectives. And by making good expectations about future events possible.

; It selects the devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop) and select the
problems to fix them or choose the devices and choose the files belonging to
them, To sort the services, explanations and requests and
filter the request (Choose the duration of the delivery time hand to select the
tasks in time for you ) , There is a search engine to find the desired file

Card Processing ; Online
credit card processing allows your customers to make purchases, which are
characterized by strong protection and high confidence Credit card payment
service After you finish shopping you pay by Visa card, one of the most
important functions that you should focus on as it is a sensitive point.

; The domain name makes you inside the Internet and allows your site to be
easily remembered by readers and return to it to be easy to write, easy to say,
easy to remember, eye-catching and attention-grabbing, try not to exceed 8,
search for domains whose extension is (.com).

; It is originally a computer as the other devices but it has a high-capacity
and efficient components, and its main task is to manage the information
resources on the network such as computers ,To
download the files inside and requested when needed where the site requires a
large server to carry all files , It is
important to have strong protection to make it difficult to penetrate. And be
in a place with good internet connection.

software; A basic program will be established to connect with the client where
the program allows access to the desktop to perform specific tasks , Supports
many functions at work such as communicating with the client the way he wants
to chat, voice call or video call, file transfer, as it is easy to use. After
the connection, the customer has a choice of performance evaluation.

service ; Because of the speed of communication and response there is a
conversation box to ask customers about requests or problems related to the
site ,Evaluation of service by the client on the performance of tasks ) It supports Arabic and English in communication(.


are a lot of sites that are exposed to the hacker daily, attacks on servers and
destroy them, and there may be gaps unknown to the owner may be ignorant.
Everyone wants to protect their website, but there is no 100% full protection,
there must be gaps. Problems with the site’s clients may result from theft of
personal data and the numbers of the cards.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing
an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that
all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and
integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in
the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

To be
able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate. When
you choose to activate SSL on your web server you will be prompted to complete
a number of questions about the identity of your website and your company. Your
web server then creates two cryptographic keys – a Private Key and a Public
Key.” (ref.SSL’s website)

Verisign a global leader in domain names and internet security, enables
internet navigation for many of the world’s most recognized domain names and
provides protection for websites and enterprises around the world. Verisign
ensures the security, stability and resiliency of key internet infrastructure
and services, including the .com and .net top-level domains and two of the
internet’s root servers, as well as performs the root zone maintainer function
for the core of the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). Verisign’s Security
Services include Distributed Denial of Service Protection and Managed DNS “.(ref.
Verisign’s website)

more than 20 years, Verisign has maintained 100 percent operational accuracy
and stability for .com and .net—managing and protecting the DNS infrastructure
for over 145.8 million domain names and processing more than 124 billion
transactions daily—keeping the world connected online, seamlessly and securely.
Verisign is experienced in and provides support for both IPv6 and DNSSEC.”

users to place strong passwords E-commerce sites can impose additional rules
when a user logs on and asks them to use a more complex password, which is
difficult to penetrate. The password can be enhanced using Latin letters, Latin
letters, numbers and special characters.

sure to use alternative error pages because it prevents the hacker from knowing
what kind of server your site is working on.

Do not
trust the advertisements that you receive from the Internet by e-mail, so you
should not buy from any product that receives your advertisement via e-mail,
except from the store you trust and declare that it is possible to send
advertising messages with links in which offers.

should ensure that your site is hosted by a well-known and trusted company.

page where you enter your purchase data is working on a recognized security
layer, that is, the site starts in the address bar with https instead of http.

your computer from viruses is one of the most important things to do before
starting your Internet connection.

Do not
store your bank information on your computer to protect against theft.

back up the system and the database.

but not least, it is essential that you have a backup strategy, as these
versions allow you to return to your data in the event that an emergency occurs
on the primary server of your site.


would like to say with the proliferation of technology in the world many people
need to know about how to use or about information and education, so will be
supporting them and helping , If we
want to say is a service site that works on the collection of electronic works
and small and simple businesses that require the implementation of an
individual effort to display them on the site and benefit people and pay for
this service However some of the services are sometimes free because you may be
doing a job for someone you might need. You will feel a beautiful feeling and
feel that you have done an easy task and a treat for you while it is great for
the other person. I hope
that the idea of the project helps to spread the benefits and get the
satisfaction of all, thank you.


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