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         In general, safety
measurement at home has a significant effectiveness in reducing elderly people
falls.  However, all homes had at least
one fall hazard. The most prevalent were floor rugs and mats. The intervention
was associated with a small but significant reduction in four of the five most
prevalent hazards. Safety devices were installed in 81.9% of homes. Advice on
modifying specific hazards identified on the home hazard assessment resulted in
over 50% of subjects removing hazards of floor rugs and mats, trailing cords,
and obstacles. (Steven e tal, 2001). That mean ability to increase awareness
through the development of plans and programs.(Arfag, 2014).

        Also, by improve
safety at home by use a falls prevention check-list around home to improve its
safety. There were intervention strategies include, a home hazard assessment,
specific advice on the removal or modification of fall hazards identified in
the assessment, general education on fall hazards and their removal and modification.
These considered of gab rails, nonslip stripping on steps and double sided tape
to stabilize floor rugs. (Steven e tal, 2001). However, home hazard reduction
is effective if targeted to older people with a history of falls and visual and
mobility limitations. The effectiveness may depend on providing complementary
mobility training and other strategies for increasing behavior change. (Stephen
e tal, 2008).

There a correlation between elderly people knowledge about fall
prevention and there demographic profilePreventive measures should be follow to
avoid and reduce many home injuries and potential hazards to make home safe
environment for elderly. Home hazard reduction is effective if targeted at
older people with a history of falls and mobility limitations. (Stephen e tal,
2006). However; there is many ways to falls prevention and decrease falls
risks, such as; education, exercise, safety measurement and intervention
strategies. An exercise is the single most effective way to prevent falls, to
improve body strength and balance.

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