In OHI and then sold all seventy-nine shares.

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In the stock market game, I bought and/or sold a total of twelve different stocks for this assignment. I bought thirty-five shares of VNTV or better known as Vantiv Inc. Vantiv Inc. provides electronic payment processing services to merchants and financial institutions in the United States. I bought and sold thirty-eight shares from PYPL or PayPal then later bought twenty more. PayPal is a technology platform to enable the transfer of money across different parties. I bought seventy-eight shares from OHI or Omega Healthcare Investors later I bought one additional share of OHI and then sold all seventy-nine shares. Omega Healthcare Investors is a real estate investment firm for healthcare facilities, primarily long term. I also bought and sold fifty shares in SO, The Southern Company engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity along with working on and selling renewable energy resources. TAL, TAL Education Group was another stock I bought and sold seventy-two shares from. TAL Education Group provides K-12 after school tutoring in China. Those are just five, I also traded many other stocks.         The method I chose to use for buying my stocks was strategically choosing my stocks and when to buy through patterns, past occurrences and knowledge. I have previously gone to courses on how to trade in the stock market, by a man who spent years learning how the people who control the stock market trade, and teaches how to trade in the stock market.         While I owned stocks, I observed many things. The first thing I learned was how most people trade the second was how frustrating it was when I was trying to use the knowledge I had to trade efficiently when the rules of the stock market game prevented me from trading properly. I also noticed that when I did try to trade based off the knowledge I previously had I did very well in the game keeping a really high rank and continuously making money. The moment I stopped trying hard out of frustration and lack of ability to keep my eye on the market from being in class, I lost a lot of money and my rank dropped really low.         Now that I know more the only thing I would have done different was talking to the teacher about following the way I had previously learned. I would have not chosen my stocks differently just my timing and spent the time to study the stock before I got in or out. If this were to happen I would have made more trades boosting my return on investment, potently earning a whole lot more money than anyone who just buys and holds.         Purchasing stocks and bonds is not the only way to save for retirement unless you know what you are doing and can properly trade stocks reducing loss. One alternative would be setting up a retirement account in the bank when you are really young and just adding a certain amount a month. This over time adds up to a lot of money and you don’t even realize it because it is just a little bit at a time.         After completing the stock market game, I have learned several things that could greatly impact my future. One thing I learned is how most of the world trades, buy and hold and some people had good luck and gained some money, but others lost a lot that could set a deadly hole in their finances. If I do trade I should do it the way I was previously taught, it was very beneficial to me when I did it right, I was also less stressed and ended up in a better position.

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