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In keeping with the paper by WU Yue, SHI Changhong, ZHANGXianghong and YANG Wei entitled “layout of latest intelligent road lightcontrol device”, avenue lamps control at maximum of the city is only with theaid of manual manage, a manage transfer set in every of the street lamps, it isthe so-known as first technology of the original avenue light control, that isinefficient and a waste of manpower, and cumbersome to operate street lightestablishing and closing time. Or using optical-control technique, installationoptical manage circuit, change the resistance by using of light-sensitivedevice to control street lamps light up automatically within the night afterdark, turn off automatically after dawn inside the morning, but the lowreliability of the method, vulnerable to interference, nighttime avenuelighting fixtures is just too bright and are a waste of power and otherproblems 1. the opposite is time-control technique (this is, sometimescommencing and ultimate control) 2, and time-optical-control 3 (this is,from time to time with light intensity manage). This 3-avenue light controlmethod can be attributed to the second one generation of avenue light control.the second one-generation road light manage technique done automatic control ofstreet light, thereby decreasing the labor intensity and decreasing hard workcosts and improving the performance of road lighting manage. With the usage ofin intensity, but it also uncovered a problem that it cannot meet the needs ofthe growing avenue lamp facts and intelligent management. The time of lightingisn’t always only lack of precision, many street lights are controlled viausing the mid-night time lights method, power-saving effect is negative.

Inshort, the current avenue lighting fixtures approach is simple and crude, lossof humane care of the automobile and human, cannot achieve the sleep andwake-up call of the lamps in time, however, a few researches for the city’sfestive lighting and landscaping is also rare. An urgent need to 5 develop ahigh degree of information, to facilitate the realization ofcommunity-primarily based, highly intelligent automatic control system ofstreet lighting, that is the 0.33 generation of intelligent street light managesystems.

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