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In this article I analyze the process of
democratization in Kyrgyzstan through the definition of the role and functions
of non-profit government organization.

In Kyrgyzstan, like in another post-Soviet Union
countries, one of the main strategies for democratization was to create a
strong civil society which would spread democratic ideas among the population
and which would control the actions by the government. (Schulte; 2008)  This article is focused on the western liberal
democratic model of civil society, which was introduced in Central Asia by the
external donors community as an important component of its democratization
policy in the region. In accordance with this model, the concept of civil
society in Kyrgyzstan was directly associated with the democracy that should be
build in the country. (Massaru; p.335-336) External actors proceed from that
fact that civil society will contribute to the development of democracy. Today
NGO’s in Kyrgyzstan are political actors which openly express their opinions
and which have been able to play an active role in significant political events
in country, such as for example, reforms, discussion on combating poverty and
etc. Main characteristics and functions of NGO as a civil society that they created
to promote democratic principles. In Kyrgyzstan, the most common institution of
civil society is a non-profit organizations. However, the form of a public
organization has become operational in the context of the technical and
financial aid by the help of  Western
European states. In the local context, the word is often used as a synonym of
civil society. In fact, the notion of society is not limited to
non-governmental organizations and to the public at large, but it includes another
types of social unions, such as, common organizations, private sector, active
citizens, mass-media, political groupings, private sector. However, in this
article, the inheritance of the international donor’s assistance in promoting
the policy of democratization has, in a general way focused on the development
of this type of society in promoting democratic values. Most of the
non-government organizations that have appeared in the country did not clearly
set goals for direct actions on the solution of specific public problems. 

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