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In modern times, stories have achieved an unpredicted pace, thereby,
making advanced stories harder to be original for people to make. Most stories
particularly concern a protagonist and a antagonist that get involved with each
other and the problem is resolved. Despite the fact that most have a somewhat
similar approach, their functional differences are essential. For instance, the
movie “What do women want?” is a 2000’s film starring Mel Gibson that asks a
simple question that men ask themselves. Another story is a classic film made
in the 50’s called “Rear window” starring James Stewart. By conducting a more
thorough comparison of these features, let’s start with the film ‘What do women

The early 2000’s film
“What do women want” only passed 1 out of 3 on the Bachdel test. The story
starts off with a man named Nick Marshall, who is a Chicago advertising
executive and, who grew up with his Las
Vegas showgirl mother,
is a ladies man. He is skilled at selling to men and seducing women. Just as he
thinks he is headed for a promotion, his manager, Dan, informs him that he’s hiring
Darcy McGuire instead. Also, his estranged 15-year-old daughter, Alex, is
spending two weeks with him while his ex-wife Gigi goes on her honeymoon with
her new husband Ted. Alex is embarrassed by Nick, and resents his being
protective when he meets her boyfriend. Desperate to prove himself to Darcy and
Dan, Nick attempts to think of copy for a series of feminine products that
Darcy distributed at the day’s staff meeting. He slips and falls into his
bathtub while holding an electric hairdryer,
shocking himself. The next day, Nick wakes up and comes to realize that he
obtained the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of all women. This proves
to be an insight for him, as he realizes that most women, especially at
work, dislike him and consider him to be sleazy. When he goes to his old
divorce therapist, Dr. Perkins she realizes his gift and encourages him to
learn to use it to his advantage. As for the story “Rear window” it has a
different approach on its story.

The classic film of “Rear
Window”, actually passed the Bachdel test. The story is about a man, L.B.
“Jeff” Jeffries, that is recuperating from a broken leg during a
incident during the New York summer. As a successful photographer, he’s known
for taking difficult pictures no one else can get, including the one of an
out-of-control race car which smashed his camera and broke his leg an instant
after it was snapped. Jeffries lives in a small apartment, and spends his time
in a wheelchair looking out the rear window into the courtyard of the building;
he can also see into the lives of all his neighbors, catching glimpses of their
daily routines. It’s the sort of thing only an invalid might do, watching them
eat, clean, sleep and argue. There’s the girl who exercises in her underwear,
the married couple who sleep on their small balcony to beat the heat, the
struggling songwriter working at his piano, and there’s the salesman who lives
across the courtyard from Jeffries, the one with the nagging bedridden wife.
They seem to fight all too often. Every day a therapist comes to visit Jeff,
dispensing her mature wisdom and scolding him for sitting there all day spying
on his neighbors. Stella tells him she can smell trouble coming. He should get
his mind off his neighbors and think about marrying that beautiful girlfriend
of his. Jeff replies that he’s not ready for marriage. Sure, she’s a wonderful
girl, but she’s also a rich, successful socialite, and Jeff lives the life of a
war correspondent, always on the go, usually living out his suitcase and often
in an unpleasant environment. While looking out the window, he begins to
suspect that a man across the courtyard may have murdered his wife. Jeff
enlists the help of his girlfriend Lisa and his visiting nurse Stella to
investigate Although these stories may seem different, they have many
similarities too.  

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What these two stories
have in common is that they both are using women they know to help them solve
some kind of conflict. Also in both film, the main male role viewed women
differently and realized that women were more than they expected. For example,
Nick from the movie “what do women want”, got an ability to hear a woman’s
thoughts. As he learned how to use his power he realized that women are smarter
and think differently from men. As for jeff, from the movie “rear window”, he
was handicapped because of his broken leg. He ask the ladies, his girlfriend
and his nurse, to help him with a crime. But he didn’t think they would be much
help because they’re women. Jeff remained in that state of mind until him, his
girlfriend, and his nurse ultimately solved the crime together then he realized
that women are smarter than he expected.

In modern times, stories young and old, have been told to other people,
thus making an original story nearly impossible. Most stories particularly
concern a protagonist and a antagonist that get involved with each other and
the problem is resolved. Even though most stories have a somewhat similar
approach, their functional differences are essential. The comparison of the
movie “What do women want?” and “Rear window” can now give you a clear
indication on how stories can be similar.  

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