In Suutari and Brewster (2006) found, Human Resource

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In today’s
global economy, the demand for expatriates has increased in organisations in
order to execute a variety of duties in their offshore operations. Expatriates
are defined as individuals living outside their native country, often engaging
in work of temporary nature (REFERNCE, dictionary). Thus, acquiring a workforce
that is proficient in the ways of the world is a competitive necessity. However,
expatriate assignment encompasses a series of interlinked challenges which
influence the selection of the expatriate as well as the success of the
assignment. As Suutari and Brewster (2006) found, Human Resource Management
literature has been focussed significantly on the effective management of expatriates.

Therefore, organisations must consider the selection criteria of expatriates as
an integral component of their international human resource management
strategy. Hixon (1986) argues, the failure of expatriation is expensive. More
importantly, the selected expatriate must be selected for the right reasons,
alongside the right criteria. Thus, this essay will argue that the most
significant factors involved in the selection decisions of expatriates are: cross-cultural suitability

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