In of British school boys got shot.

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In the story
mean character is Ralph. A boy with fair hair and good look. Then he got
company. There was another boy with the name Piggy. Piggy wasn’t his real name
but in school they used to call him Piggy because he was fat and wears glasses.

And Piggy had asthma problem.

During the
war a plan with bunch of British school boys got shot. They found themselves in
an island. Ralph and Piggy tried to find the plane and when they found, they
saw that pilot was died. At first Ralph thought that everybody is dead but
Piggy told him that maybe they’re alive we need to find them but they didn’t
know how many of them were there.

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searching for others Ralph and Piggy saw something creamy lay on the ferny
weeds. At first they thought that, it’s a stone but that was a conch shell. The
shell was pretty, interesting and so expensive. They used the shell to find
others. Ralph hit the shell with air, quickly the conch sounded so loud which
you could hear it for miles.

Because of
that sound a six year old boy named Johnny found them. More and more of them
came. Some of them were naked and their cloths was in their arms but some of
them were half naked with the school uniforms. Ralph said “we most have all
name of kids”. There were twin name Sam and Eric and the other boys name were
Bill, Robert, Harold and Henry.

The boys
chose Ralph as their leader. There was a guy called Jack and Ralph made him in
charge for the choir. Then Ralph said “There should be three of us to find food
for others, I’ll go and Jack and, then he looked at boys and he chose a boy
named Simon”. Three of them started their journey to discover that if this is
an island or not. When they stood up on the top, they saw a circular horizon of
water and now they were sure that they’re in Desert Island. Three of them were
very hungry and they were trying to find some food for them and they found a
pig, Jack tries to kill it but before he could, pig run away. They came back to
the platform and explained everything they saw to other boys. Ralph said that
there’s no one expect us but there’s pigs we should create an army to hunt
pigs.  Then Piggy said that no one knows
where we are. Ralph said “yes, we may be here for a while but this is a good
island. Me Jack and Simon, we climbed the mountain. There’s food, drink and
lots of beautiful blue flowers, until we’re here we’ll have fun”. Ralph called
boys for a meeting and said we should make some rules and whoever breaks them
they’ll be punished.

Ralph said
that he’s father lives in Navy. In Navy there’s a Queen and she has the map of
all the islands and may she has the map of this island too. So he came up with
the idea of making fire and smoke on the top of the mountain, so if a ship come
near them, they’ll notice that there’s some people and they’ll help them.

Jack and his
choir went to the steeper side of the mountain and he said to the boys “we
should build a pile”. But Ralph and Piggy was on the other side of the mountain
and there was platform of forest. Ralph said “we can take as much as wood we

Boys went to
the top of the mountain to build the fire but smaller boys lost interest
because it was difficult for them. For building the fire they needed matches
but no one had, so they used Piggy’s specs for making the fire.

 Ralph came up with a meeting he said “we need
some people for looking after the fire and may a ship come near us and we’ll
need more rules”. Jack said “I’m agree with Ralph, we need more rules and we’ve
to obey them not to break them. My choir duty is to look after the fire and
keep it going. Altos we’ll have eyes on the fire this week”. Jack said “we need
green branches on, it’ll make more smoke so ships will see us”.

Piggy wanted
to say something but whenever he tried, some of them shut him up and didn’t
allow him to say his words. Piggy was very upset about his specs and how boys
treated him but Piggy said “I got the conch, and I’ve right to speak. Ralph is
a chief but he didn’t do things properly, he does things without thinking like
he build the fire at the top of the mountain. This fire can burn all the island
and no one would knew. Two boys are missing and I didn’t get time to list their
names”. Ralph was ashamed of the things he has done, then he went on the other
side of the mountain.

While Jack
wanted to hunt pig for others, Ralph tried to create shelters for boys but
others didn’t help him. They were busy at having fun and playing games but
Simon really helped Ralph for creating shelters. Jack couldn’t hunt any pigs
because his hunters came back after few hours and started swimming. Jack said
to Ralph that he can’t hunt anymore because while hunting he’s afraid of being

Ralph said
“for being rescued we need more smoke” But Jack was only talking about the meat
and pig. Ralph lost his control and had a little fight with Jack. Ralph said
“don’t you hear what I said? Don’t you want to be rescued? I’m saying that we
need more smoke and shelter. I and Simon do all the works but your choirs are
just playing”. Jack replied “I’m working too”. Then they stared at shelter but
when they reached at the shelter, they didn’t see Simon.  Ralph and Jack went to find Simon on bathing
pool but Simon wasn’t there. Simon was walking in the jungle alone. He went on
the side of the mountain where Ralph was there for the first time. Simon finds
a very calm place with fragrant bushes and flowers.

morning was full of joy, there was fresh and sweet air. But at midday strange
things start happening. Storm came up from sea and made lots of noise, and
piggy thought it’s a ‘mirage’. In stretch reef of water there were sharks
waited for boys. But boys didn’t go there and tried to ignore the sharks. After
sometimes temperature goes high but at the end of afternoon everything became
normal. Weather was kind of cold and sky became darker.

But they had
enough food and they did tolerate this new rhythm. They used to call six year
small boys as “littluns”. Littluns were at shelters for like two days, singing,
playing, talking, and crying but then they adjusted and cried often. Littluns job
was searching for fruits to eat. They didn’t obey rules and ate lots of fruits
and that cause stomach aches for them but they tolerated that pain and they got
habit of being there. Littluns created a castle for them and designed as their
own choice. Henry was the biggest of the boys and leader type at that

Roger and
Maurice were responsible for the fire on the top of the mountain but they were
tired and came out from the forest for swim. When they came, fire burned out.

Roger started playing around the castle and Maurice came with him. Boys were
playing with other and they were sensitive toward each other, even though their
parent weren’t there. Jack was busy at hunting.

Boys knew
Piggy as outsider, he offer the idea of creating sundial to know what time it
is. After a while a ship came over but didn’t notice the boys because there
wasn’t any smoke or any signal. Ralph screamed to the ship “come back!” but
they didn’t hear. At that moment Jack hunt pig and he felt proud and happy.

Ralph was furious, he blamed Jack for the fire. Jack said “we can start fire
again but you should have been there with us and you should have seen the blood
of pig”.  Jack was very happy and he
celebrated his happiness with his hunters. But Ralph cried and said “all you
care is about pig and blood but there’s was a ship and you promised us to keep
eyes on the fire but you let it out. They might have seen us and we might have
gone home.” Jack and Ralph faced each other. Piggy took Ralph side and blamed
Jack for fire. Jack was very angry and he punched Piggy’s stomach and break one
lens of his glasses. After a while Jack owe apology. They started the fire
again and they cooked meat but he didn’t give a piece of it to Piggy. Boys were
interested to know how Jack hunted a pig, so they celebrated and performed a
dance. Maurice showed as he’s a pig and Jack and his hunters were screaming and
saying “kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in” and others pretended to
attack Maurice. Ralph was watching them, he said “I’m calling an assembly”.

The place of
assembly was the beach near the bathing pool. Ralph appreciated Piggy for his
thoughts and ideas. Others was worried about Ralph’s anger because of the fire.

Ralph was searching for right words for everyone to understand. Ralph said
“everyone enjoyed being together, so everyone should participate at work too.

Not everyone helped to build shelters and fire. The fire is the most important
thing in here. If you want to be rescued, you need to keep fire going, it’s not
a big deal for us. The best place for fire is mountain top. You can’t take fire
from the mountain but take your food up there and there’s nothing to be afraid
of”. Jack took the conch and said to the littluns “there isn’t any beast,
snake, animal expect pigs, but your nightmares. I’m a hunter and I went through
the island, I haven’t seen anything, no one did expect you cry babies.” Then
Piggy said let’s hear from littluns who have seen beasts. There’s was a
confident boy named Phil. He said “last night I had a nightmare and when I woke
up I was outside the shelter and I saw twisty and big things moving in the
trees.” Ralph said “you’ve habit of sleep walking and that was a nightmare, at
that time nobody was there”. Simon stood up and said “maybe he saw me because I
went out for the place I know” but littluns were worry about beasts as they
imagined them as squid.  Ralph and Piggy
had a fight with each other. Ralph said “you guys are breaking rules, you
should obey them.” Jack said “who cares about the rules. We’re hunters if there’s
any beast we’ll hunt it too”. Everybody left assembly only Simon, Piggy and
Ralph were there. Ralph was very tired of these things, all he thinks was about
not being chief anymore but Piggy said to him if Jack becomes chief, he won’t
care about others and nobody will be rescued.

The meeting
night, a silver of moon rose over the horizon, there was flashing lights and
some blast in the sky, but nobody noticed because everyone was asleep. Sam and
Eric, the twins were responsible for the fire, when one is sleeping another
should be awake but both fell asleep. Suddenly Eric called Sam, both were
scared. Ralph was deep asleep in the shelter, he was dreaming, when boys were
calling his name, in sleep he was seeing that someone is offering him tea by
saying his name but when he woke up the twins told him that they saw the beast.

Ralph told twins to call everyone for assembly. Twins explained everything they
saw to boys, the place was full of horror. Tomorrow morning Jack told everyone
that they should hunt beast, and Ralph decide to go with them but Piggy said we
should stay together maybe beast won’t come near. But they said we can’t stay
here forever, we’ll need food, drink and who’ll look after fire. Ralph said to
Piggy to stay with littluns, he and Simon went with Jack and hunters. Ralph
asked Jack if there’s any place he haven’t been there. Jack replied “yes, at the
end part of tail, where the rocks are there”. So they went there but there
wasn’t any beast. Ralph decide to go at the mountain top because they needed
smoke and boys wasted their time with rocks.

When they
saw some fruits, boys stopped and ate some. After a while they saw something is
coming from the pig track, Ralph hit it with his wooden stick. Ralph was sad
because he hit a living being. Then boys made a ring and jack killed the boar.

Ralph said we should go to the mountain but he was worried about Piggy and
littluns. Simon agreed to go back to the shelter and inform Piggy that boys
will return after dark. The boys were tired but Jack and Ralph with Roger
continued their journey to claim the mountain. Ralph had understood that Jack
hates him as Piggy said. When they reached at the top of the mountain, they saw
something like big ape and three of them ran away from there.

When they
reached to the shelter Ralph told Piggy that they saw the beast. Piggy couldn’t
hardly believe it. Jack asked Ralph about his hunters but Ralph ignored him.

Jack called all boys for a meeting, he said that Ralph is not a good leader, he
just give orders and want everyone to obey it, even he doesn’t believe on my
hunters, he called them coward but in fact he as his self is a coward. Then he
asked everyone if they want Jack to be a leader but no one answered. Jack was
furious and left the shelter. He said if anyone wants to hunt and have meat,
they can come too. Piggy said the important thing is fire and we can’t go on
the mountain top but we can build a fire here, near us and we have rocks as
well. All boys worked together with passion and after seeing the fire, they started
to sing and dance but when fire become low, some of them disappeared. Just
Ralph, Piggy Sam and Eric were there. Some of the boys went to Jack. Jack was
very happy because he was the chief of his hunters. He told them to forget
about the beast and focus on the hunt and pig. Jack plan was going to the place
which he had found earlier. After killing the pig, Jack took the pig’s head and
said that it’s a gift for the beast. Jack went to the shelter and said to other
boys that they’ve hunted a pig and they’re celebrating it tonight, if anyone
wants to come, they’re welcome. Everybody went with Jack and Ralph and Piggy
stayed in shelter and looked after the fire. Meanwhile Simon was alone in the
jungle and he found the head of the pig and that spoke with Simon as the “lord
of the flies”. The head persuade him to go back with others and to forget that
he has talked with the head.

Simon was on
his way on the mountain. When he reached at hill, he sees the dead body of the
pilot and he got to know that boys thought him as the beast. Ralph and Piggy
were playing in the water. Ralph asked Piggy where’s the boys and Piggy said
him that they’re at Jack’s party and they should go too, to see whether the
boys are fine or not. As they reached everybody looked at them. Jack said give
them some meat. After everybody had finished their meat, Jack asked “who’ll
join my tribe? I’ll give you meat and my hunters will protect you from the
beast”. Ralph said “I’m the chief and I got the conch”. Jack replied “in the
end of the island conch doesn’t count and you don’t have it with you”. Ralph
said that conch will be counted all over the island and he warned them about
the coming storm and that they even don’t have shelters. As the storm begins,
Simon came to tell the others about the dead body on the mountain top but boys
thought him as beast, they attacked Simon and killed him.

Ralph and
Piggy went to the other side of the island and Piggy noticed that he can see
clearly without his glasses. Ralph was seeing at the chief seat and think about
Simon, he said to Piggy about the Simon’s death, and that was a murder and they
were part of that but Piggy comfort him by saying that was an accident and they
were out of the circle. Sam and Eric had left the feast early and went to the
forest to collect some wood. Sam, Eric, Piggy and Ralph were on the shelter, to
keep the fire going. At other side of the island in the castle rock Jack was
ruling over the boys as a chief and he had planned for going to forest for hunt
with his hunters tomorrow and other boys will protect the castle. Bill asked
Jack when they’ll build a fire. Jack replied that they’ll take fire from the
other boys and he’ll leave before sunset but he needed company, so Roger and
Maurice agreed to go with him. The sky become dark, all boys were inside the
shelter and the fire was shut off. Piggy heard a sound coming from the jungle.

That was Jack with his hunters attacking the four boys. One boy kicked Eric on
his face but Eric got his revenge and hit that guy back. First they thought
that Jack came because of the conch but Piggy understood the hunters got his

Ralph called
an assembly. Piggy said ‘Jack has stolen our fire and I want my glasses back, I
know he’s stronger than me but I’ll tell him what’s what”. They went to the
castle rock. Roger saw them first and he said “I’m calling an assembly” and
Jack came from hunting, he said, to Ralph to leave them alone. Ralph called
Jack a thief for stealing Piggy’s specs and the fire. Jack become angry and
wanted to fight with Ralph but Ralph did not. Jack told boys to tie up the
twins. Again Ralph called Jack a thief, both of them were so angry and wanted
to fight with each other but in the time Piggy spoke. He said “you guys are
like painted Indians, be sensible like Ralph. It’s better to have rules and be
rescued than hunting and breaking things up”. Roger throw a big rock. Ralph
noticed the rock sound behind his back. The conch was with Piggy. The rock
greet from Piggy’s chin to his knee and the conch break into thousand small
pieces. Piggy falls down, blood and some things came out from his head and he
died. Jack said to Ralph that it’s all you’ll get, there’s no conch and there’s
no place for you anymore. Ralph escapes into the jungle. Jack with Roger begin
to torture Sam and Eric and force them to join the tribe.

Ralph was
near the castle rock. He could see that there’s was savages in the face of
humans. The conch was gone now so as Simon and Piggy. At the night there was
feast in the castle and Ralph saw Sam and Eric guarding the castle against him.

But Ralph went close to them. Sam and Eric told him to go away as far as he
can, Roger and Jack wants to hunt him. Ralph was sad because he didn’t know
what his fault is. He was hungry and Sam gave him a chunk of meat. Ralph asked
them to go with him but twins refuse to join him. Ralph hides in a thicket near
by the castle and fell asleep. In the morning he heard some voices he was awake
with closed eyes. The rock that had killed Piggy was inside in the center of
thicket. For a moment he felt safe, then he heard voice of Jack and Roger
torturing one of the twins and asking them about where Ralph is hided but
thicket was very thick, it would take a week for them to break it. Some boys
tried to find their way inside the thicket but Ralph didn’t let them. Then
Ralph smells the smoke and realized that Jack has set the jungle on fire for
Ralph to come out. Ralph leaves his hiding place and run away from Jack and his
hunters. But he knew that they’re coming for him. He came to a pig run and
followed them for a while. But he needed a place to hide. At last he reached on
a beach and the hunters were behind him. Suddenly he saw an officer stood on
the sand, looking at Ralph. The officer asked him if there’s anybody with him.

He said that they saw their smoke in jungle. Jack and his hunters reached to
beach and after seeing the officer, they stood up at their places. Officer
thought that they were only playing. As Ralph felt safe and thought of going home,
he told Officer about piggy and Simon and everything had happened. Officer felt
bad about the bunch of British schoolboys that have behaved this badly.

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