In her essay, “The Future of Love: Kiss

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In her essay, “The
Future of Love: Kiss Romance Goodbye. It’s Time for the Real Thing,” author
Barbara Graham shed the light on the sensitive subject of love, and its current
direct relation with marriage. Author Graham has for sure a strong point of
views, yet, there are still some aspects that can be disputed.

Graham argues that, through
our marriage, we always expect the consistency in our pure and intense true love,
but if this marriage did not fulfill the need of this consistency in love, we
keep trying over and over again, no matter what the consequences would be. According
to the author, the west have been promoting for passionate and true love through
movies and media and misleading the world on the real purpose of marriage which
is serving economic and social needs of families, communities and have little
or nothing to do with love. In other words, fairy tales are not near to what
reality actually is, so the love stories in those tails should not be idolized and
adopted as the real intense level of love, because certainly that is not the
case in real life.

No one can deny that
Graham did have several points of view that appeared to be true, like for instance,
when she said love is one big fairytale. Well she was certain of her statement depending
on the fact that people do not live happily ever after as all fairytales ended.
Graham also claimed that love could be nothing more than a biological
experience, a rush of different chemicals, which make people exhibit their behavior.
Well in real life, every chapter has his own struggles to find a way to sustain
the true love. When things go wrong and you feel like you are being tested, no
matter what is the test, emotional social or economical, it is always a blessing
being around the one person that can be the ultimate motive, the one person that
you have decided to spend the rest of your life with, your true love. So biology
and chemistry won’t be helpful if there is no true intimacy and harmony between
the couple. Many people believe that love is something that no one can control
or predict, it just happens. 

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