In “Harrison Bergeron”, Kurt Vonnegut analyzes the inequality that exists in the American society.. Vonnegut creates an atmosphere where every human being is created and treated equal. He centers on creating equality by transforming equality and indulgence as a solution to dealing with inequality. Vonnegut writes the story to demonstrate the inequality that exists among people, but rather, they all possess strengths and weaknesses giving every each individual a special characteristics. Through the story, He gives a vivid view of equality in America. He illustrates a universe in which human beings with beautiful faces cover their faces with masks as the strong ones carry heavy weights in their backs to make them and strong individuals carry weights to make them equivalent to the weaker population. In the story, the smart ones wore  big headphones that bang obnoxious sounds so that it would disrupt any intelectual thoughts. The story revolves around  Harrison Bergeron, who is the main character. Hazel and George Bergeron are his parents..Vonnegut describes him as a fourteen year old boy who is seven feet tall. Harrison is an outstand species among all the other human beings. He is well developed metally and physically, a great dancer who also has a capibility to break out of prison. In the story, Vonnegut describes Harrison as a young man with  huge glasses and ears covered with big headsets. He also carries heavy weight on his back ,”The rest of Harrison’s appearance was Halloween and hardware. Nobody had ever borne heavier handicaps,” (128). Whenever someone breaks the handicaps law, the Handicapper Chief who has a shotgun inverstigates the situation and captures the suspect, followed by an execution. Vonnegut creates this false equality basedon an aspecte basis which is controlled by force. In Vonnegut’s world, competition of any kind is prohibited. The handicaps forbid any intelectual thoughts towards equality. As competition is the key to improvement, no advancements can occur without the precence of competition. All advancement that invloves intellectual thinking will be inturrpeted,which causes an end to critical thinking followed by a huge economic crisis. In my opinion, The theory of equality that Vonnegut presents will never work because it dismays mankind and stops all form of vision and artistry.In “Harrison Bergeron” equality is righteously untrue. It disgards the beliefs of the higher being. In the holy books of various religions, the higher being (god) instructs mankind to be delighted with what he/she has been given to them. In this case, Harrison aquires  a great deal of intellegence..He teaches us to help one another with the blessings bestowed upon us. Mr. Bergeron has been given intelligence, but the Handicapper General forces him to wear a head object so he will not use his intelligence to surpass others that are not as smart as he is. Man and women have been given possibilities by God, but the handicaps are holding back from using that potential.  Vonnegut displays how Harrison’s possibilities are withheld from him when he writes, “He flung away his rubber-ball nose, revealed a man that would have awed Thor, the god of thunder,” (129). Since Harrison Bergeron is smart, strong, and has good eyesight he has to wear heavy weights, large glasses, and an earpiece. Vonnegut takes away the blessings god has to Harrison. All of these oppose the words of God, therefore they are morally wrong.To live in peace and harmony all countries need equality in all different parts of life such as religion, race and sex. When equality is out balance and order events such as slavery, genocide, and religious fighting occur. Violence occurs when one group of people believe they are more superior than another group of people. This wrongdoing is increased onto different levels like categorization, representation, dehumanization, organized assault, emission, arrangements, extermination, and denial. In the aspects of race, religion, and sex equality is needed in order for the country to flourish and live in peace.One of the most important themes in “Harrison Bergeron” is that religion, race, and sex are all helpful in the equality of any country, but not for individual qualities like beauty, intelligence, and strength.The world will fall apart if one tries to alter the plans of God and try to change the world to be completely equal. The story that Kurt Vonnegut writes is to help us understand that equality is meant to make no man or women better than another. The main theme in “Harrison Bergeron” is that equality is not for qualities like beauty, strength, and intelligence, but for rights.

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