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In 2015, while working for Idea Cellular Limited (a major
Indian telecommunication company), I was promoted to the position of Marketing
Manager and was given the task of establishing the “Government Enterprise
Business” vertical. My goal was to target and acquire mobile users
employed in various government sector organizations. This was a particularly
difficult challenge because one of our competitors had long-standing
relationships with most of the government enterprises and commanded more than
90% share of all new subscribers employed in these enterprises. Idea’s market
share from this segment was less than 5%.


My first point of action was to conduct extensive market
research to discern the needs of our target market. I, along with a team of
Marketing Analysts, interviewed hundreds of government sector employees to not
only learn about their voice & data requirements but also understand their
expectations from a good mobile network provider. In addition to this, I
conducted a detailed study of cellular plans offered by other competitors and
compared them with Idea’s existing plans.


The next task was to formulate a new cellular plan targeted
exclusively towards government sector employees. I started this by analyzing
the consumption data of tens of thousands of Idea’s existing users (employed in
the government sector) and took note of the most commonly used services. Then,
I compared these findings to the insights from prior market research and
prepared an exhaustive list of product requirements. Finally, I formulated the
new cellular plan, “Sarkar Dhamaka 499” which not only met all the
product requirements but also had a higher profit margin than any of our
existing enterprise plans. 


The final step was to launch this new plan in the market.

For a successful launch, I needed to collaborate with various other
departmental teams. I worked closely with the Branding Team to decide our
go-to-market strategy. We outlined our product positioning and built a
promotional plan around it. Also, I conducted regular training & mentoring
sessions for the Sales Team to ensure that unique benefits of the plan were
being properly communicated to customers. Furthermore, I partnered with the
Customer Service Team to launch a new self-service portal built exclusively for
government sector employees.


Our efforts bore fruit and “Sarkar Dhamaka 499”
plan helped us acquire 10,000+ new users in the state of Delhi. The plan was
then introduced in a number of other states and proved to be a big success. In
12 months, we acquired 50,000+ new users across India, building a revenue
stream of USD 500,000 per annum. In recognition of my efforts, I was nominated
for the prestigious Aditya Birla Chairman’s Awards, becoming the only employee
from Idea Cellular Limited’s marketing team (pan-India) to be nominated that

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