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In the western parts of Canada there are many different types of natural processes that occur like earthquakes. Earthquakes occur when rocks underground breaks along a fault. This energy causes the seismic waves to make the ground shake. Earthquakes happen everywhere all times. But most are unnoticeable. Since British Columbia is next to a plate boundary, they will be mostly affected from earthquakes. Earthquakes can sometimes cause land to raise up, break apart, and can cause buildings to fall over. A way the landscape changed was when the Rocky Mountains were created. The Rocky Mountains was created from an earthquake that had happened long ago, and caused land to crash into each other and rise up. Earthquakes can change the landscape by causing other natural processes like landslides, soil liquefaction, and tsunamis.In the southern parts of Canada there are many different types of natural processes that occur everyday like soil erosion. Soil erosion is a example of a natural process. This natural process is a major problem in the south. Soil erosion in Ontario is frustrating. Soil erosion is causing clogged drainage pipes. This soil is being removed 10 to 20 times faster than it coming back. This gives people like, farmers, who have hard times growing crops if the soil isn’t in the proper state for it to be used. These soils won’t be able to absorb nutrients, water, or sunlight. Soil erosion can sometimes cause small streams to form. These streams can get in the way of people’s jobs, creation/buildings being made, and possibly people’s homes. For example, buildings, food, crops, and more. Soil erosion can change the shape of a landscape fast, and make the soil useless.In the northern parts of Canada there are many different types of natural processes that occur everyday because of the huge amount of snow and ice there is. Climate change is highly affecting the whole world. An example of climate change is the ice melting. Ice is not the only thing, but it is the one I will be talking about.  Ice can create many problems for Canada and the entire world. The ice melting means the earth is slowly heating up.  Ice is a shiny reflector that is reflecting sunlight  back out of the atmosphere. If the ice is gone most the water will be absorbed from sunlight. Next leads to the earth’s temperature increasing. Warm water is being carried to the north which is one of the reasons Europe has a warm climate. Europeans predict that 25% change in the climate is because of this. These changes can also  completely change the landscape of Northern Canada.

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