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In the realm of art, there is an ever-expanding
list of innovative creations and new mediums. From theatre and music to graphic
design and painting, these are all artistic expressions that can be used in so
many different ways to achieve the creators goal. Because art is as expansive
as it is, I decided to narrow down my research of social entrepreneurship to
focus on only one organization for painting and another organization for music.
Even though these two categories are not all within my college major, they are
all my major interests. While the careers in art may appear nonexistent,
combining it with social entrepreneurship opens up an entire field of jobs that
not only help the artist but also help the community.

Artists normally have to create
income through commissions which takes a while to develop a client base. Even
with clientele, the work isn’t consistent. However, a career combining painting
with social entrepreneurship is possible and is stable. One organization that
mixes these two things together is called Foundation for Hospital Art based in
Marietta. They sum up their mission by stating it is their goal “to give
comfort and hope to those who suffer in hospitals by providing artwork at no
cost to hospitals” (“Our Mission. Our Vision”). The Foundation for Hospital Art
gathers volunteers to fill in the outlines of a design pre-traced onto a
canvas, which will then be brought to a hospital to liven up the space.
Hospitals are notorious for feeling sterile and uncomfortable. Environments like
this are harsh on patients who have to spend multiple days recovering. Therefore,
it is important to have artwork in hospitals to create a more comfortable and
cozy space to allow the quickest recovery for each patient. The Foundation for
Hospital Art has taken it upon themselves to help make this happen.

One of the job positions for The
Foundation for Hospital Art is an “Associate Artist.” The role the Associate
Artist plays in this organization is designing new canvases while also
balancing the role of volunteer oversight. This job would interest me because
it utilizes both my communication skills through the volunteer oversight, while
also incorporating my creativity of painting designs. The skills I would need
to be an Associate Artist for this organization is a bachelors degree and
previous volunteer work. Luckily, the Foundation provides summer internships
for college students. So, if I wanted to achieve this position two years from
now, I can get the volunteer experience through them now. This would be a
create job to have because of the wonderful impact it has on others. Those whom
are unfortunate enough to call hospitals their homes deserve for it to feel homelier.
By providing hospitals with artwork, The Foundation for Hospital Art is
creating a healthy and positive environment which heals the patient community.

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As for social entrepreneurship with
music, I am part of a startup organization called Brain Aid. Inspired by Farm
Aid, Brain Aid will follow a similar format but instead of focusing on raising
money and awareness for farmers in the United States, Brain Aid focuses on
raising money and awareness for mental health in the United States. Farm Aid has
held concerts since 1985 with performers such as “Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Bonnie
Raitt, B.B Kind, Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and many more” (Insert
Citation). The concert is used to raise awareness as well as raise money for
farmers. My friend Stephen Cramer was inspired by the effectiveness of this
method and thus sparked the idea to raise awareness for mental health. Both
these organizations create a positive impact by helping farmers and those with
mental illnesses find a voice and get the support they need financially.

Currently I am just considered a
volunteer for the Brain Aid organization, however there are many titles which
one could achieve in this organization. My dream position within this organization
would be the Atlanta Brain Aid founder because Stephen Cramer is the Athens
founder and is trying to expand to other cities. Under this title, my job would
be to organize Atlanta Brain Aid Festivals, to manage the Atlanta based
volunteers, to determine the goal for the Atlanta location, to communicate and
work with the other locations, and effectively raising awareness and money to
help reduce the stigma of mental health. A requirement for a position like this
would normally be a bachelor degree and some prior experience in the nonprofit
sector, however, in my case the only requirement is to be passionate and
motivated in establishing this organization.  

While there are many more ways to
use art and music to enact social change within a community, these were the
ones that I actually have access to and am also passionate about. The good
thing about combining art or music with social entrepreneurship is that there
are never-ending possibilities. All one needs to do is find a social issue they
want to focus on and there is nothing art or music can’t adapt to in order to
fix the issue. Art and music will never disappear and neither will the need for
social change. Organizations like Farm Aid, Brain Aid, and the Foundation for
Hospital Art have found their mission while also incorporation their love for
music and art. Their innovative spirit and creative endeavors are producing a
positive impact and benefiting their target community. More organizations like
these are needed to keep making the world a better place. All it takes is an
issue to change and a way to change it, so what’s stopping you?







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