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In the past, sports were regarded as the outdoor recreational
pastime, such as fishing, shooting, and hunting, etc. On the other hand, games
were regarded as organized contests played by teams or individuals according to
certain rules. However, the distinction between sports and games disappeared
with the passage of time. The two terms now are used interchangeably. Games are
common to all countries and cultures.

have gained cardinal importance in physical and recreational activities. People
play games either to have fun or to develop mental and physical skills. Games
make people disciplined, active, agile, energetic and sharp. They contribute a
lot to make men handsome and smart. Their worth has been recognized at national
and international levels. In educational institutions, they have been declared
as part of curricula. Some games such as football, cricket and hockey have won
enormous popularity in this era.

youth of today wants to assert themselves in it. They want some outlet for the
presentation of their unrivalled faculties. Games and sports provide them with
plenty of opportunities. If such chances are not given to them, they may fall
prey to criminal activities. Thus indirectly, games contribute a lot towards making
our youth decent and upright. As a result, our younger people undertake
beneficial pursuits. Games make people disciplined. They become consistent and
regular in their doings.

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               As a
result, they develop the quality of decision making. They also learn to obey
and uphold laws. They keep them united. They observe the rules of game. Games
also promote team-spirit in the players. They learn how to cooperate. They also
show patience in their doings. They also learn how to respect others. The players
forget their tiny personal differences.

               There is
a dark side of the picture also. Game may cause certain harms. Sometimes, the
players do ignore the rule of decency for own victory and gain. They aim to win
the game by hook or by crook. They practice to illegal and immoral tricks to
this end. Second, too much interest in games may spoil some intelligent
students. They may ignore their studies to become good athletes. In this way
they become neither good students nor good athletes.

              On international level, games have
become illegal source of gambling. Not only the masses but also the players are
sometime involved in this unlawful activity. In fact, they want to lose the
game knowingly to gain some personal gains. 


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