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In addition, distrust is the consequence of jealousy. When people are jealous, their impulsiveness will blind their eyes, hence they would make poor choices and distrust the ones that actually love them. Once in this frame of mind, distrust forms an insurmountable barrier between people and this barrier will never disappear, no matter how hard people try to fix it. In the play, distrust causes Othello to be irrational,as well as driving him to make the worst decision in his life-trusting dishonest Iago. As a result, it leads him to kill Desdemona who deeply loves him. At the time when Othello sees Cassio has the handkerchief that he gave to Desdemona, his attitude toward Desdemona who he loves so deeply at any cost has fully changes. When Desdemona says to Othello she is loyal and faithful, Othello does not believe her and calls her as the flies on rotting meat. “Oh,ay,as summer flies are in the shambles…would thou hadst ne’er been born” (4.2.76-80). No matter how Desdemona explains her loyalty and faithfulness to Othello, Othello still believes what he wants to believe and chooses to distrust Desdemona by insulting her as flies on rotting meat. He also tells her that he wishes she had never been born. From now on, Othello has changed into a green-eyed monster driven by jealousy that chooses to trust others rather than his own wife. Furthermore, his distrust of Desdemona keeps growing under Iago’s instigation, until he bursts out and commits the murder of Desdemona. “She’s like a liar gone to burning hell!’Twas I that killed her”(5.2.159-160). After he kills Desdemona, Othello still firmly believes that Desdemona is a liar and deserves to go to hell, even though she only lied to protect her husband. Under the influence of Othello’s distrust, he turns into evil. Although Emilia tells Othello that Desdemona is pure as angel, Othello still believes his own mind that Desdemona is a whore. In this way, Othello’s distrust and jealousy creates by Iago dominate his mind and he becomes uncontrollable that eventually leads him to his own tragedy.

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