In depression” (Silverstone & Salsali, 2003). Having extreme

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In this research proposal I will be discussing the
relationship between self-esteem and self-efficacy and how these correlate with
a person’s well-being. I will also be talking about the importance of
self-esteem and self-efficacy, whether these two variables are measurable and
if they could possibly determine an individual’s well-being in the long run.

Self-esteem is often considered as an individual’s general
feeling of self-worth or personal value, Rosenberg (1965) describes self-esteem
as “an attitude that raises your sense of worthiness”. Self-esteem can have a
very significant role in someone’s motivation throughout their life. Extremely
high or low levels of self-esteem can be harmful to a person, so having a
balance in between would be more ideal.

Studies have shown a significant difference between people
with high and low self-esteem. People with high self-esteem tend to focus on
self-growth, however people with low self-esteem pay more attention to not
making mistakes in their life. “Low
self-esteem has been shown to be correlated with a number of negative outcomes,
such as depression” (Silverstone & Salsali, 2003). Having extreme low
self-esteem can hinder a person’s motivation towards tasks and goals as they
don’t believe in themselves to achieve their aspirations. A person
who has high self-esteem usually views themselves as being efficient and worthy.
There are many benefits of positive self-esteem, those with high esteem may be
more successful in their careers and enjoy life more. On the other hand, having extremely high self-esteem can lead to an
inability to learn from mistakes and can also be a characteristic of clinical
narcissism. Having a healthy self-esteem is more ideal as it can help
you become more prosperous because you have a positive view on life, assertive
attitude and believe you can accomplish your goals.

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High self-esteem gives people more confidence to speak up and
introduce their different approaches in a group and aren’t afraid to criticise
the groups opinion. Although it does not stem directly to leadership,
self-esteem may have an indirect effect towards it.

Self-esteem plays an important role in Abraham
Maslow’s hierarchy
of needs, which portrays self-esteem as one of the basic human
motivations. He suggested that people need both esteem from other people as
well as inner self-respect. Both of these needs must be fulfilled in order for
an individual to prosper as a person and attain self-actualization. Self-
actualization shows a person’s growth
towards fulfillment of the highest needs

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