In sources, the main theme shown is how

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In Essai Sur L’architecture, Marc-Antoine Laugier discusses his theory about how architecture should be built, which is derived from three essential elements; the column, entablature, and pediment.

He believes humans want nothing except shade from the sun and protection against storms. This excerpt can be seen as both a primary and secondary source, even though this might not be written from the time of the hunter, it’s an original story told from Laugier. In Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States, James Scott tracks how we domesticated herd animals to do the grunt work of agriculture and the cultivation of the fields to grow cereals. This reading is a secondary source because it’s describing an event that happened in the past.

After reading both sources, the main theme shown is how humans grow and adapt to their environment according to their needs. In Laugier’s writing, he tells a story of a primitive man seeking shelter and building out of necessity. Noting that what nature requires is what man should accommodate. This leads to a permanent housing; such as caves, huts, and dolmens. For most of the time humans have lived as hunter-gatherers and as our advancement towards the Neolithic Era, humans will advance to finding convenient ways to reassure and gather food by learning how to cultivate lands and domesticate animals. Due to these new changes the physical bodies, either of the thing being domesticated or people living in the domestic space, and the everyday routines of the people changes. This seems to lead to a human descaling and people becoming specialized in skills.

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Due to agriculture and domestication becoming a new technology we have fewer varieties of food, excess labor, and selectivity in skills. However, whether the evolution of human nature was a positive or negative, we can clearly distinguish the changes that occur in order to meet the needs of human beings.

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