In recent years there
have been many groundbreaking scientific discoveries, however the brain remains
one of the least understood organs in the human body. It fascinates me that the
whole human being; thoughts, actions, feelings is controlled by a network of
impulses and connections and that an array of complex illnesses can be
explained by chemical deficiencies. Having developed my interest in
neuroscience through my A levels, and further research, it is my desire to
study at a more advanced level and to one day contribute towards scientific

Oliver Sacks compared
any cognitive process to learning to perfect a new piece of music. A musician
with a great repertoire of musical pieces can make numerous connections
between them and a new piece of music; thus, speeding up the process of
learning. After 9 years of being a musician, I understand how important
this scaffolding of memory is to not only my musical knowledge but also to my
personal development and memory, in other aspects of life. This is an area
of particular interest, as despite how far we have evolved as a species-
beginning as single cell organisms millions of years ago to becoming complex,
compassionate beings it is always possible to better the human brain.

Studying Chemistry, Maths,
Psychology and History has contributed to my growing interest
in the field. Chemistry stressed the importance of the carbon and hydrogen
bonds in the organic compounds of neurotransmitters, and the practical side of chemistry has
given me experience working in a lab environment both in groups and
as an individual. Maths allowed me to develop my problem solving skills,
and taught me how to be systematic in my work. Arguably Psychology was the main
subject that developed my interest in neuroscience through studying the
biopsychology aspect of mental illness and brain functions.  

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My interest
in neuroscience through my A level choices made me eager to
expand my knowledge and understanding and thus join the British Neuroscience
Society. Through the BNS I was invited to attend their annual Christmas
Symposium in London and I found this an invaluable experience as it
allowed me to listen to talks of exciting and relevant research and also gain
knowledge about areas of neuroscience I knew little about- such
as Bionic Limb Reconstruction.  

My personal A level journey has been different
to that of other students; I have taken 3 years and I will be completing 4 full
A levels and an EPQ. After facing difficulties in my first year and ultimately
moving schools during the year, I had to work hard to catch up on the work I had
missed out on. Looking back on this, I believe this was a beneficial experience
for me as I became a more determined and independent student. Towards the end
of my first year, I had to make the difficult decision of restarting 2 of my
choices and accepting that it will take me a year longer than my peers to
complete my A levels. I whole heartedly believe this was the right decision for
me as I think it has allowed me to reach my full potential and I will now be
going to university more mature, experienced and prepared for success than I
would have been this time last year.

I have a great interest
in music; I have played clarinet for 9 years. Through my passion for music I attended
an array of different orchestras and ensembles, ranging from local
bands, to international orchestras such as
the Edinburgh International Youth Orchestra through which I met very
interesting and inspiring individuals. I am also passionate
about making my voice heard and have been an active
member in my schools debating team throughout 6th form.

I believe that
studying neuroscience is more than just learning about the brain and nervous
system; it’s a way of fully understanding humans, enabling us to change
people’s lives for the better. Neuroscience is a fascinating field and I look
forward to exploring it further.

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