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In my opinion in this article, I think that the ban sales of the diesel and gasoline fuelled
in U.K. by 2040 is a
good way in solving the air pollution that getting crucial nowadays. This makes some serious impacts to the automobile industry especially Volvo car manufacturer
and also the economy when this policies launch as it will ban the sales of the
petrol and diesel car.

An economic change is started to occur in some of
the major countries due to public health policies that start to ban all petrol
and diesel car and replacing it with those petrol free car. Sweden’s Volvo Car group, one of the automobile
manufacturer said that all of its cars will use the electric
motor by 2019. Besides, another big automobile manufacturer BMW AG also will
produce an electric version of its Mini compact car in U.K. in the same year.
However, Mercedes-Benz car maker, Daimler AG is difference to the other
automakers who trying to follow the new trend. The company is still keen on the
use of petrol and diesel because most of its profitable sport cars and big
sedans are powered by the diesel.

There will be a great
impact on a large number of sectors such as oil majors and fuel injection and
spark plug makers as the global shift toward electric vehicles. U.K. makes this
decision not only because the country must follow the stringent European Union
emission rules but also to reduce the health problem and climate change
problem. Therefore, U.K. plans to invest a huge amount of money in driverless,
zero-emission technology and battery technology research.

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However, Ryan and
Shankleman say, not all the countries are same with U.K.. For instance, Germany
is finding the ways in reducing automative emissions rather than just ban the
sales of fossil-fuel vehicles. But like Norway ,this
country has set target of only let petrol free
car to be sale in the country.(Chrisafis
& Vaughan, 2017) So as time keep going on, the petrol car market will
getting faced failure when the time start to fully enforce the ban for those
not petrol free car. Thus, this is making those car manufacture force to start
supplying petrol free car from now and this would changing the consumer
behaviour in start purchase those hybrid or electric car also will increase
demand among the consumer.

Although there are
only about one percent of all U.K. vehicle sales, the country is one of the minorities
to have more than 100,000 electric cars on the road. It is sure that U.K. could
have more sales in the future because the timescale for fully producing the hybrid or electric cars
certainty long enough for the automakers and
it would able to send a direct
and clear message
to the consumer and also the
car manufacture and also
accelerate a transition of electric car if the news is enacted, said by Prof David Bailey (Asthana &
Taylor, 2017).

From my view, I
think that the government should give subsidies for the local car manufacturers that are producing those
petrol free cars in order
to low down their costs or else the current price for those cars will stay still unable to cope by all the people in
different income stages. With the government is agree in giving those
subsidies, I think that those car manufacturers would
likely to produce
more the plug-in cars along giving
decrease of the car price and this will make the demand among consumer would be

A well-known company Bloomberg also came out a
prediction that the electric car would dominate the automotive market more
quickly after the announcement from France. In France they might not be worry
about it as they able dramatically cut all those remaining carbon emissions as
it reliance on 80% of its electricity supply from nuclear power station.

I strongly
what it said in the article. This shift in the type of car purchase will
changing the economy pattern among the consumer around the world and this will
appear scarcity it force to make the consumer to making a choice, so based on
above consumer will start to choose hybrid and electric car as their preference
because of government policies and the opportunity cost would be those car
which is not petrol free car also with this changing it can help in decrease
air pollution and make our world to have a better future.

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