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In my second six weeks I have learn even more stuff that my first sixweeks. In this second six weeks we have been learning about how to do anemployment portfolio, a resume, and a character reference letter, and to behonest learning this was fun and interesting and it help us a lot now and inthe future.To start I’m going to talk about an employment portfolio. An EmploymentPortfolio is a is an organized collection of documents that demonstrate yourwork history, skills and talents, and it can been shown digitally like oncomputer or in paper and it can be so useful because it shows a lot of yourthings. An Employment Portfolio it going to be useful for my future to wheni want to get a job because my boss is going to be able to see my work, skillsand talents.Now next I’m going to talk about a Resume. A Resume is document a usedby person to present their backgrounds and skills, In other words it’s like asummary of your life or of your work. A resume will also be good for myfuture because that forms parts of the employment portfolio, the resumetells what is my objective, my education, skills,and other things so that willbe so helpful for getting a job because my boss will be able to see myresume.For last I’m going to talk about a Character Reference Letter. A CharacterReference letter or also known as a personal reference is a letter ofreference provided to someone that know your personality and characterand this is for the people that know you to talk about you about how youwork and your character or abilities this helps you in people talking goodabout you and it will help you or me get the job more fast.Like I said this seconds six weeks were fantastic or fun. Learning thingsthat are going to help you in your future is the best thing that can happen.This three things i learn in this 2nd six weeks are going to help me when iwant to get a job, and I’ll be prepare for it because I love to learn each newthing life throws me.

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