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 In this report I’ll be exploring the concepts
of equality, diversity and rights. I’ll be expressing about my work experience
in the residential care home. I’ll discover what they are and why they have an
important role in our lives.


 Equality is providing everyone the same
opportunities and not dividing people into groups e.g. there shouldn’t be any
difference between men and women. This concept allows everyone to access to
facilities equally so whether it’s getting treatment, employment or education
it applies to everything. It is about understanding people’s needs and rights
which should be supplied according to their day to day requirements. For
example, a deaf old aged service user should be provided a helper who can
translate using signs. Everyone should get equal opportunities, so they don’t
feel out of place. In a residential care home, it can be that all of the
service users should get a fair treatment and that there shouldn’t be any
difference in the way that you treat them. In the NHS workforce there are
almost 75% of women but they are concentrated in low-paid areas.

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 It is important because everyone gets an equal
opportunity in a society to meet their full potential. It is against
generalization about any particular group no matter who they are and where they
come from- everyone has a full right to be treated with fairness in a society. It
is referred to being equal in rights, status and opportunities. There are laws to
make sure that people follow them. According to law, there should be policies so
that they have got equal opportunities.

 This concept ensures that everyone’s life
quality is improved, and they will deliver the public services efficiently
because they will know that they are responsible, so they are in charge of our
safety and rights.

 In a HSC setting equality is really important
as it won’t make someone less favourably and because of it will not affect
their self-concepts. They won’t be treated dissimilarly because of their
disability, age and race. Individuals should have an equal access to all

 The service provider should make sure that
everyone is being treated equally and that no one is going through any
difficulty. If a patient wants to watch TV but he watches it on a very high
volume because he has got hearing impairment, but he gets to watch TV as he
wants however in the next room the other patient is mentally disturbed (has
mental disorder) so it’s his sleeping time but he can’t sleep because of the
loud volume. Therefore, the staff shouldn’t just ignore it and make one patient
pleased and the other one suffering instead to prevent this type of situation
they can just provide a noise proof room with a TV or probably give headphones
so that the other patients don’t get disturbed. By doing this, the setting will
be providing equal rights to both service users.


 Diversity means to respect and accept the
differences so that everyone is recognised differently but that is not
categorised rather they are valued. In simple words, it means difference
amongst people. In UK, there are lots of immigrants who belong from different
backgrounds. They moved here to live and work or study where their beliefs or
background are being appreciated and there are legislations being held in order
to stop racism or judgement. It benefits our culture when people value each
other’s differences and they can do this if people create a bond between them.
They can cooperate by understanding each other’s principles. As we live in a
multi-disciplinary society, we should not discriminate others’ values.
Diet/food is an example of how diversity benefits the economy because in
Britain the most famous takeaway is Chinese and Indian. Your diet should meet a
person’s health requirements. If you ask people about their likes and dislikes,
it means that you are considering other individual’s choices. In education
places such as schools, colleges, there are students from different ethnicity
and there are different language subjects so that there is no difference in
British people and other residents from other countries. Example, Ayaan is a
Muslim patient he had an accident due to which he broke his legs and there were
fractures in his body and he got some internal injury in brain so now he got mental
illness therefore he was being monitored in a day care home. As he is a Muslim
so it’s good that the staff or the members of the day care home know that they
don’t give him anything non-halal. They should respect it and make sure that his
diet has been planned regarding his personal needs.

 It plays an important role in HSC and other
workplaces for specifically those with disability, illness, age etc. It’s
essential that there is diversity because it can lead the individuals to cause
harm to themselves. Because if their beliefs or values are not being
appreciated then it’s more likely that they will get low self-esteem and
confidence which can worsen their condition. In HSC settings it is important
that we understand each other’s differences so that we are aware of the service
user’s needs and wants so that we can meet their care needs. Diversity takes
place to make sure that service that is provided to them is reachable for
everyone. It also ensures that not just the service users but even the service
providers (staff etc.) who belong from different backgrounds don’t get
isolated. Diversity also inspires people to join health and social care

 Diversity is about treating and providing
everybody same respect and care. It focuses on how unique everyone is as they
have diverse backgrounds and beliefs. These differences are not just about the
culture and background but also our age, race, ethnicity etc. Example, John is
an assistant in HSC setting whose ethnicity is different from other members of
his team therefore the associates doesn’t respect his difference and such
prejudice takes place in that setting which is unacceptable because diversity
means that we should work as a team in a workplace by giving priority to each
other. The differences can be regarding their culture, religion, age or gender.
To support diversity, it is our responsibility to respect everyone whether they
are related or not. Individual’s care shouldn’t be obstructed.


 Rights are something that is admirable and due
to legislations, you are able to have or do something that you might are
stopped from others around you. They are legal entitlements which give you
freedom to live and get treatment as who you are because of your personal
characteristics such as your race, skin colour and religion. They can improve
every involved person whether he is a service user or provider or even service
commissioner. They are principles (legal, social or ethical) of entitlement.
They are rights which are inherent to everyone no matter what our nationality, residency
or origin is.

 The Commission established a 2-year (2014-16)
programme based on Human Rights in Health and Social Care. They did this in
order to make people understand to promote and respect human rights. Also, to
ensure that the care delivered to patients and their family/ carers is of good

 These rights let people to be aware of their
privileges so that if they are not happy about something happening to them or
they are being dishonoured therefore they can claim it. Rights mean that
individuals can get involved in making decisions regarding their rights

 Example, some less qualified practitioners or
support workers in a day care home just perform their duty and not actually
provide care and support or under the service user’s emotions and instead they
just torture him/her which is against the law. They cannot just misbehave with
them because it’s not the client’s rights to get all that inappropriate
service. In fact, according to The Human Rights Act (1998) Article 3, torture
is prohibited.

 To ensure that there are no hurdles/barriers
while people accomplishing their rights, The Human Rights Act (1998) was made. It
came in force in 2000. This Act defends our rights in courts and other public
organisations so that everyone gets an equal opportunity in everything and they
are treated fairly and with respect. Some examples of these rights include:

Ø  They shouldn’t be tortured

Ø  They have a right to live

Ø  They shouldn’t get any unusual punishment

Ø  They should have a right to speak with freedom

Ø  They have a right to liberty of thought and expression

Ø  Freedom from discrimination

Ø  They have a right to enjoy and protect their possessions

 The Act ensures that
individuals can act against anyone whether it is just a person or a whole


 In conclusion, I firmly believe that no one
should ignore these concepts as they are there to prevent any harm as if
someone doesn’t follow them the other person’s self-esteem and confidence can
decrease due which they can take a harmful step such as suicide or start to
live alone. Therefore, there condition can get worse. Especially, in any HSC
setting as individuals come there to get an appropriate treatment and if they
will not provide good service then their health condition will probably not get
recovered. To boost the service user’s or anyone’s confidence these concepts
should be considered in every workplace. The short-term effects of being
neglected or not receiving any importance can lead to stress and your interest
in other things reduces. Moreover, they can effect someone’s eating disorders
you are likely to eat too little or too much due to stress and feeling
emptiness. They can start misusing things like alcohol or drugs and make their
own opinion on others and hate towards people even those who actually do care
about them. They can lose their job or not do so well at school. The long-term
effects can include that they could get depression and because of it, it will
be difficult for the victim to get back to normal as they find it difficult to
get positive comments as they might think that they are just taunting. If the
eating disorders get inferior, then they are likely to be diagnosed with
Anorexia or Bulimia. There are laws if anything wrong happens with anyone no
matter who they are, if they belong from UK or not they get justice if their
needs are being interrupted. The guilty person will definitely get consequences
for his/her actions and this can be done if the workplace brings legal actions.

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