In at “Defence Research and Development Organisation” (DRDO),

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In our country
there is a popular annual competition called SAE BAJA. To this event students
have to bring a fabricated automobile which have to be approved their rulebook.
Group of students in our college collectively participated in this event. I
played a role of design and fabricate in which I have to design all the
elements with precision as derived by the calculations. After months of work we
finally been able to submit and explain the analysis through a presentation to
the judging committee. Though we couldn’t make it through the competition, it
has been a great experience to all of us. This has given us a broad
understanding of how the commercial world works through the expos conducted at
the event.

During my senior
year, I got an opportunity as an intern at “Defence Research and Development
Organisation” (DRDO), Bengaluru. This was my first exposure to the industrial
and defence environment. It was an incredible experience. It was here, that I
learnt to put out what I have learnt in the past 3 years to use. I was assigned
as a temporary assistant in the designing department. During this time, I had a
very good opportunity to interact with experienced people involved in
manufacturing and testing activities. From whom, I learnt the importance of
planning and implementation of engineering fundamentals. On site, I witnessed
the functioning of each department involved in the quality check so as to
ensure that there are no discrepancies in the final product.

For the final year
of engineering everyone has to take a project. So, I convinced my team mates to
do a project different from others. When others started projects on
manufacturing, we chose a project on aerodynamics. This involves some serious
computations for the analysis. Once a design is completed it took hours of time
for every simulation to run. Our project advisor was very impressed by our
results. We were praised by many faculty members.

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